Review: Kinesis #1

This is the second comic I’ve read from creators Alfred Miller Jr. and Clarice Mills and unfortunately it’s a lot like the first one I read (review here). The story is about a kid who discovers he has superpowers shortly after taking his first martial arts class. Apparently he was in an accident as a kid and underwent an experimental procedure to save his life… and his parents never told him. The issue is basically just him finding out he has powers, mastering them instantly avenging someone he knows that was shot.

Kinesis #1-1The art is all 3-D modeling and frankly I think it’s the worst choice for a comic book. The models are limited and look fake. There is nothing real about it because there is so much separation between the characters and the settings and frankly it looks amateurish.

If you ask comic fans what they like about comic books they’ll either say the art first or second. The reason being is that the art is the driving force of the story, but that’s not the case here. Instead of the story and art working in tandem together, the art is limiting the story and frankly the story is too weak to rise above the art.

I’ve seen some great 3-D modeled art, but the key is that it looks unique and everything is of the same quality. Here its generic characters standing in poses and a story that is just a run of the mill teenager with powers. I would say more, but it’s a book that’s so frustrating to read that you don’t want to think about it after you’re done.

Score: 1/5

Writers: Alfred Miller Jr., Clarice Mills 3-D Designer: Alfred Miller Jr. Publisher: C&M Concepts Publishing