Review: Kiss Me, Satan #2

Although I didn’t enjoy the first issue of Kiss Me Satan very much, I felt like this issue really stepped it up.  Time-wise it’s directly after the first issue.  The witches are hiding in a motel, and Barnabus returns from getting doughnuts and coffee to find a maid outside their room.  He knows it’s suspicious for a maid to check on a room at one in the morning, and realizes she’s a werewolf.  They get into a fight, and during the fight the werewolf tells Barnabus there’s a bounty on the heads of the witches.  Obviously he wants Barnabus dead too, but the werewolf is willing to team up with Barnabus, kill the witches, and collect the reward.  However, Barnabus isn’t having any of the plan and drives a stake made out of a broken broom handle through her heart.  He then hops in the car and tries to get himself and the witches farther away from this whole situation.  But there’s a truck full of…undead ninjas (seriously) following them, and the truck smashes into Barnabus’ car and they all coincidentally enough are ejected out of the car, right into a cemetery. While this potentially pretty epic fight is about to ensue, Meredith’s water breaks and she’s ready to have her child, which will not inherit his father’s power being that he does not carry the werewolf gene.  She has the doctor at gunpoint because nobody knows that the baby isn’t a werewolf except for her, her husband Cassian, Barnabus, and the witches.  The doctor does what Meredith says until the baby is born and he insists on following protocol.  She blows half of his head off with her silver bullet, which was a great moment art-wise.  She then takes the baby from the nurse and starts killing members of Cassian’s pack who are chasing after her.  She ends up on the roof of their house and runs into Cassian.  She actually tries to shoot him, but the gun is out of bullets.  In a rage he knocks her to the ground and takes the baby.

Kiss Me Satan #2 CoverMeanwhile at the cemetery, Barnabus and the witches dismantle the undead bone from bone and when the fight seems to be over, we meet the Bone Wrangler (“For reasons I’m thinkin’ might sorta be obvious”).  Behind him are corpses rising from their graves, and it’s clear that the Bone Wrangler wants that bounty money.

I was a much bigger fan of this issue than the first one.  It was a breeze to read through and although it plays off of the two biggest bled-dry genres in entertainment recently (zombies and werewolves), I feel that it has a unique enough story and interesting enough characters to keep me entertained throughout this five-issue miniseries.  I felt the pacing was great on this issue; it went back from Barnabus’ predicaments to the birth of the werewolves’ son cleverly.  For example, Verona who’s the leader of the witches gets incredibly mad when the zombie ninjas attack them.  She says “Some sorry jackass is gonna wish he was never born” just as Meredith’s water breaks, and it cuts back to that story.  These occurrences happen a few times, and it makes the story flow very well.

I like the art quite a bit too, it’s definitely above-average.  I liked the action sequences in this issue a lot more than the last and the blood and gore was disgustingly detailed.  If you don’t take this comic too seriously and don’t worry about the amount of clichés it adopts, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying it like I did.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Victor Gischler Artist: Juan Ferreyra Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/23/13