Review: Kiss Me, Satan #4

This series has gotten better from the first issue, and this month’s installment of Kiss Me, Satan is no exception.  It starts out with Barnabus burying Verona, who died last issue, in the middle of the forest.  Now the only witches that are alive are Liddy and Zell.  However, Liddy starts hitting on Barnabus and tries to cast a spell on him.  When she does this, her spell is countered and she is violently disarmed by Barnabus’ amulet.  Liddy mentions someone put a spell on her, and we’re introduced to Malcolm, a mage whom Cassian sent to kill Barnabus.  He put a hex on Liddy so she would attempt to kill Barnabus. What nobody realizes or understands is that Barnabus’ amulet acts like a shield to magic, rendering Malcolm useless against him.  However, with a snap of his fingers and the claim that Liddy was of no use to him, he vaporizes her, leaving Zell the only surviving witch.  Barnabus then tracks down Malcolm and is about to kill him when Malcolm transforms into a crow and files away.  Now, all that is left for Cassian to take are the two things that he wants: Barnabus’ amulet and the Eye of Fates, which Zell now possesses.

Kiss Me Satan #4 CoverWe’re given a glimpse back at Cassian’s house.  Cassian is disappointed in Malcolm’s failed attempt, which Malcom is infuriated by.  He tells Cassian that this is his mess, and he’s going to help Malcom clean this last bit up.  Later in the book, we see Cassian talk to his son.  He is talking out loud, although obviously his newborn baby doesn’t understand what he’s saying.  He talks about how his son doesn’t have the lycan gene.  His wife will be disappointed, but eventually will be happy for a ‘second chance.’  We then see him pull a gun out of his robe…

I don’t want to give anything more than that away, this issue is definitely worth reading.  Next issue is clearly going to be an all-out-war, and I’m looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this miniseries.  The art throughout this series has been gorgeous, but I especially noticed it in this issue.  I loved the magic and action sequences the most, they were hectic, but still super detailed.  Also, I felt like I was right beside Malcolm and Barnabus in the fight-the choice of angles to show in the panel were expertly crafted.  The storytelling at first I thought was going to be a generic attempt at a supernatural/drama story, but has turned into a book that I’m really looking forward to see the conclusion.  The pacing of this issue was great, and it progressed into a perfect cliffhanger for the final issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Victor Gischler Artist: Juan Ferreyra Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/18/13