Review: Knightingail #1

You know what trend in comics I’m really enjoying? All-age books that actually appeal to all ages. Comics use to walk this fine line in which they would have adult subject matter, but didn’t out right say that it had adult subject matter so that children could in fact read the comic and have no idea what they were actually reading. I’m not saying Knightingail is that way, but again it appealed to me and yet I could very easily see a young child enjoying this book. At its core, Knightingail reminded me of a Saturday morning cartoon if it had been produced by Jim Henson studios (pre-Disney).
The comic opens with a Furry trying to fix a damn that’s about to break. Yes I said Furry, since it’s a forest creature with human features. Unfortunately he’s too late and the water takes him away as his wife Kaeli and children look on. Gail rushes in and begins rhyming her magic to save the man and fix the damn. She’s then given a hard time about her rhyming from Kaeli who turns out to be her best friend. Gail leaves, but her friend begins telling her children of the story of Knightingail.
Knightingail-The-Legend-Begins-1-coverWe flash to the past were our two friends are swimming, until Gail (then Eloa) realizes that she’s late for her council meeting. She rushes off to the meeting discouraged by the fact that no one on the council listens to her and she feels as if she’s being patronized by everyone including her father.Normally the meetings are very boring, but today they have captured a talking vulture looking creature that warns that darkness is approaching. Suddenly there is a lot more going on in this council than Eloa is aware of.
There was something really simple and enjoyable about this story. It reminded me a little of Dark Crystal and Pirates of Dark Water.I know that’s a weird combo, but that’s what struck me. I really enjoyed the book and will definitely pick it again. The most important thing is that it didn’t read like a children’s book, but as a true all ages tale. Some stories are so good that they transcend age and I think if Knightingail continues the way it is, it could be one of those stories.
If you’re like me and always looking for something different, something fun from the world of comics then track down Knightingail and give it a shot.Especially if the influences I’ve listed is something that you enjoy because you’ll probably like the book as much as I did. Don’t let the kid friendly cover fool you; this book has the potential to appeal to everyone.
Score: 4/5