Review: Knuckleheads #6

Well it’s time to turn those frowns upside down because the newest issue of Knuckleheads released this week and it’s pretty fucking funny. If you don’t know what Knuckleheads is about, allow me to quickly recap for you. Trev our main character has been given an alien crystal brass knuckle that is fused to his hand. It gives him the power to cheat at Wii (it’s funny because that system sucks), shoot power blasts of energy and fly… kind of he’s not good at it. After stopping a giant monster, saving and puking on a British woman, befriending a pizza guy named Guy and kind of stopping a robbery you’d think this quad of friends would need a break from each other… wrong! Instead they head to the park to test Trev’s skills and film his life. The results are Trev taking a lot of abuse at the hands of Emma our mysterious British lady. The “training” is going terribly because Trev is like the worst person on the planet to give powers too, which is why he’s awesome. Trev asks to see his training montage which is being filmed on Guy’s phone. This montage leads to some great jokes about Guy yet again. Seriously Guy might be the best character in this series… who am I kidding I can’t pick between them!

After the montage Trev discovers a talking dog. Well not really, but he’s dumb so he thinks it’s a talking dog. The dog steals the fucking issue. Everything that comes out of his and Trev’s mouth is comic gold and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Yet again Brian Winkeler has delivered a hysterical issue. What I really enjoy and appreciate about Knuckleheads is that it’s not just funny. I care about the characters and the situations they get into, even if it’s just to see them screw up. The comedy is good in the sense that there’s more to it than just the comedy. That’s what modern comedies tend to miss. You can make me laugh all you want, but that’s never going to be all I want. You need something more, you need something to care about and that’s what Winkeler and the team delivers with Knuckleheads.

Knuckleheads_06-1 copy 1I’m pretty sure that I say that Robert Wilson IV is getting better with each issue every review, but I really mean it. This was the best looking issue by far. It had the most variety in settings, action and kept up with the already amazing facial expressions that the reader has come to expect from the series. Wilson matches Winkeler’s comedic stylings perfectly and really brings out the stupid in the characters. I know that seems terrible to say, but I mean it with the utmost respect to his craft.

Jordan Boyd also needs recognition for this issue for his coloring. Like Wilson, Boyd’s craft continues to improve with each issue. I’m a big fan of the color palate he’s picked for the series as it continues to make it stand out from other comics on the market.

Now here’s where you dear reader come into play. If you liked how any of this sounded then you need to go buy the series. If you still have some Comixology freebie money burning a hole in your digital wallet then slap it down plus a dollar more for this entire series. I want, nay I need more of this series and frankly you do too. Do not miss out on one of the funniest series being published today.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brian Winkeler Artist: Robert Wilson IV Colorist: Jordan Boyd Letterer: Thomas Mauer Publisher: MonkeyBrain Comics Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: 5/28/14 Format: Digital