Review: Lady Killer #3

Lady Killer continues to be one of my favorite miniseries as of late with this third installment.  We get to dig a bit deeper into Josie’s character and find out a little more about Peck as well.  This issue also lets us know that nothing is always what it seems when it comes to this line of work. Lady-Killer-#3The end of last issue had a bit of a shocking twist that Josie’s next hit was on a little boy.  This issue starts off in a much more jovial fashion with a house party that Josie is hosting.  She ends up having an encounter with Mother Schuller that is a bit odd.  It seems like Mother Schuller thinks that Josie is cheating on her son with Peck since he is always driving by.  I was curious to know whether Mother Schuller really knows what Josie is doing or this is just another way of showing that Josie’s double-life leading is getting messier.  The other major thing that happens this issue is that Stenholm tells Peck that after her current assignment, Josie’s career is to be over.  What he doesn’t know is if Josie will actually be able to go through with eliminating her target which could possibly complicate things more.

I really enjoyed this issue and especially liked how we get more character development from Peck.  Up to this point he’s just been there for comedic purposes but in this issue he’s there for anything but.  I’d like to know more about Stenholm and the organization but I trust we’ll learn some more about that in the last two issues.  The art continues to be stellar and has been some of my favorite as of late.  I can’t go too much into detail about why I thought that because it’d be giving some of the story away, but if you liked what you saw the first two issues this will be no different.  I’m really looking forward to see how this story comes to a close and I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty.

Score: 4/5

Lady Killer #3 Writers: Joelle Jones, Jamie S. Rich Artist: Joelle Jones Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.50 Release Date: 3/4/15 Format: Print/Digital