Review: Legenderry- A Steampunk Adventure #6

Now that Sonja has reclaimed her consciousness , Legenderry has turned into a whole new comic! Issue #6 fast forwards us 6 months from the reawakening of Sonja to her journeying on her own. Her personality has completely shifted, she no longer feels helpless as Magna did. Everyday she logs in her diary about her adventures and progress as Sonja. Surprisingly all her memories are in tact and though she is no longer Magna, she still feels somewhat connected to her. I'm curious to see if there will be moments of relapse in the future.

Legenderry06-Cov-BenitezSonja teams up with someone I was totally not expecting... Zorro. Yea freaking Zorro and Sonja are kicking ass together. And I think our feisty redhead has a bit of a crush on him. Though it gets old when characters are always love struck, I kind of like Sonja's fondness of Zorro. It's not this overpowering plot twist. It's just a few quirky comments that don't detract from her badassness. It makes her a little more human, ya know. And I also liked that  Zorro didn't steal the show even though he is given quite a bit of dialogue. I think he will make a fine addition to the Legenderry team!

I do honestly love Sonja's personality so much more than Magna's. She is so well written. She's got sass and actual personality traits like a sense of humor. It's refreshing to see that.

Even though Sonja is back, there is still a shit storm brewing. It all seems still kind of vague though. Is the black mass just plotting to take over the world? Is there any incentive like revenge or just power-hungry? Just doing it for shits and giggles would make sense, cause ya know he's a villain and what not. Anyways, kind of excited for what he might have up his sleeve. The series Is quickly coming to an end so I hope that it doesn't end to rushed but I'm anticipating some epic action from both sides.

Though I really enjoyed this issue, it lacked that steampunk vibe that I've really grown accustomed to while reading Legenderry. Not that the work wasn't impressive but didn't have a consistent feel to it. However, Joe Bentiz's cover was on point as usual.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Sergio Fernandez Davila
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 8/13/14
Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital