Review: Death Vigil #2

I’m so glad to see Death Vigil again. I was smitten with the first issue, but with any great first issue you have to wait to see how the second issue turns out. Well, it turned out about the same. Stjepan Sejic is trying something new in comics as each issue is like an hour dramedy. There are serious moments with real dangers, but then the rest of the story is just goofy and full of great character moments. The amount of puns in this issue should be a record of some kind. In fact, I’m giving it the record for most puns in an issue. What’s nice about the story is that it bounces between Samuel’s origin and Clara’s beginnings. I take it as introducing us to Samuel so that we can know him on the same level we now know Clara. We begin with Samuel's death again as his body is put in a body bag and the cops talk about him. He and Bernie are sitting waiting for everyone to leave so that she can take him from Ghost to immortal.

The story intercuts between Samuel’s origin and the present with Clara’s resurrection, but rather than seeing everything twice Sejic cuts on the action and has the other side of the story pick up the scene. It’s here that we learn a bit more about the Vigil and how each member ends up dressed and how their weapon is picked for them. For Clara she ends up with a quill and she’s a bit confused by it. It seems you find what your Vigil will do rather than it coming with some sort of instruction manual.

The universe is explained to us further and man-oh-man Sejic has put a lot of thought and backstory into this world. We learn about their mode of transportation which doubles as their feeding system, which was a nice touch. Eventually the trio arrive at their home or rather Clara’s new home. Here we meet some of the other members and learn that two of them are out and about which is where the story heads to next.

DeathVigil02_CoverI’ll admit that this issue is very chatty and you’re either going to love that or hate it. I loved it. I know it was exposition at times, but the back and forth from the characters comes across realistic. Sejic’s dialogue is enjoyable. The plot barely moves forward in this issue, but I just wanted to enjoy the banter between characters. Samuel and Bernie have great chemistry and so when they bust each other’s chops you're focused in on them. Again, I think you’ll either enjoy the amount of dialogue and the slow and steady pace of the story or it won’t be for you.

The art continues to be wonderful. As I said in my last review Sejic’s style is very different from his other work at Top Cow; he’s extremely versatile that way. While there’s a lot of chat it’s the character expressions that add the tone and voice to the dialogue. I think that’s important for any story that has a lot of dialogue, you need the art to support and express it. If they don’t sync up the reading becomes a chore and I think that’s why Sejic’s art is so amazing. I wanted to read more if only to see the expression on the character’s faces.

The story takes a break from the danger this issue and I was okay with that. The first issue was pretty intense and so just settling into the world here was enjoyable and entertaining. Reading this issue of Death Vigil, put a big goofy grin on my face and hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Stjepan Sejic Publisher: Image/Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 8/13/14 Format: Print/Digital