Review: Lenore #11

Whatever you do don’t read this issue in sections. I started reading it and then had to go somewhere and I was distracted and bored just waiting to get back to this issue. Is it hilarious? Yes. Yes it absolutely is. It’s also the biggest fucking issue Roman Dirge has ever done and he states that in the back in case you couldn’t figure it out yourself. It begins in a manner that is both appeasing to new and old readers by introducing a brand new character: Flashback Squirrel. Flashback Squirrel begins telling the audience about what they’ve missed in the series to date, but what occurs is of course something weird and funny as the Feds break into his home to bust him for underage squirrel trafficking… this is the world of Lenore, nothing is what it seems and everything does actually feed back into the main narrative. Dirge is a crazy genius that way.

Lenore_11When the story does finally get to Lenore and company we find that the entire group has had a bit of cease-fire. During which Anubis says something that Lenore didn’t fully understand and the series opens a door that can’t be closed now. Then there’s more fighting and humor. Lots of humor.

Can I just say that Pickle Hat is my new favorite character? Well I am. I could just end the review there because that’s enough of a statement, but I’ll continue.

There was an actually deep moment in this issue. It’s not surprising, because Dirge has had heartfelt moments before. It’s just that this one has consequences and personally I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Dirge’s art is of course impressive as always. This issue is definitely his biggest endeavor thus far as every character possible makes an appearance and the epic battle from last time continues. I don’t know if Dirge can top himself in the next one and hopefully it doesn’t become an addiction because then the issues would be bigger in scope each time… and I wouldn’t complain one damn bit.

Is this the best issue to begin with? No, but even if it is your first issue of Lenore it is one hell of an issue. I laughed a lot, not bullshit “lol’ing” but actual laughter that makes people ask you, “What are you laughing at?” It’s a great issue and wraps up a long running story line so just buy it. Buy one for a friend so they can enjoy the madness as well.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Roman Dirge Publisher: Tian Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/29/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital