Review: Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1 (of 2)

LJ runs the snowy roofs above Chinatown.  He’s on the trail of an attacker, but the parade down below makes the hunt a difficult one. There’s a whole lot of money moving through town.  LJ tracks it down to a mob using brothels as fronts for some devious activities.

I won’t spoil the conclusion, but I will say that the book is worth its cost just from the last panel alone.

Lobster Johnson - A Scent of Lotus #1 CoverThe period feel of the book reminded me of two great films: The Rocketeer and The Shadow.  While the action took some time to get to due to lengthy exposition, I did find the book a good read.

The problem with so many of these limited series is that familiarizing oneself with the main character gets to be problematic.  I would hope that a little more detail in summarizing the character’s story would be included in the opening leafs as its done in other books.

Nevertheless, this was worth the read.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Mike Mignola and John Arcudi

Artist: Sebastián Fiumara

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 7/24/13