Review: Clone #9

Is there anyone safe is this series? Let me go ahead an answer that for you, NO! Literally people are getting killed left and right to the point that I don’t know what’s going to happen to any given character within an issue. There are so very strange twists in this issue in particular and with the TV show on the horizon I’m beginning to wonder if NBC has the balls to make this series the way it is or if it’ll be watered down for the general audience. Personally, I could see this butting up against Hannibal to give a perfect night of viewing, but we’ll just see if the pilot gets picked up for now. This issue might give you a strong opinion about cloning, like you might get done reading it and think, “This is a good argument on why we shouldn’t clone people.”  Luke and the ladies have taken off to find his wife leaving his Mom and Dad alone to catch up. Too bad Beta found out about his “parents” location due to a dirty fucking spy in the last issue and has decided to meet the “rents.” That’s right, half mangled Beta is mostly put back together due to his accelerated healing and lack of nerve endings and wants to meet his genetic contributors. It doesn’t go over well. Not a lot of hugs or the stroking of hair is done, mostly just violence.

Luke and the ladies infiltrate the base that his wife is being held at and it’s pretty easy-going until they can’t find his wife or kid. There’s also more violence and the woman that’s falling in love with Luke continues to do so.

The problem I’ve been having with this series is that Luke’s wife has only meet like one or two clones and yet has wrapped her head around things very quickly. Also she has a strange connection to the tribal tattoo clone which SPOILER finds her running away with him and the baby at the end of the issue. What? She’s kissed him and now she’s running away with him? Also, the Clones weren’t cloned yesterday. None of them know who the hell she nor would they have a predetermined emotional connection so why the hell does Tribal have a connection to her? I get not wanting to kill a woman, but there is something more there for sure and if it’s not cleared up it’s really going to bother me.

Clone09I didn’t get the big deal about Gamma and how he’s hard to control. I get that the different versions of the clones have been altered, some stronger and faster healers like Beta and other smarter like Gamma. Gamma’s confined to a wheelchair and is basically a poor man’s Steven Hawkings… what’s the threat? Hopefully they explain that or turn him loose or something cool.

As much as I gripe about aspects of this story I still really enjoyed it. The thing is that I feel that it could be one of the greatest series published, but it just not quite there. It’s so focused on the adrenaline rush that is the plot line that things continue to fall through the cracks and while it doesn’t harm the story it’s still very noticeable to the reader.

It’s been nine issues and Ryp is still kicking all kinds of ass. I think this is one of his best issues he’s done and the assortment of character and locations he covers is amazing. I’m glad that he’s stayed on because he definitely makes those plot holes a forgivable offense.

At this point in the series if you haven’t been reading it than you’re screwed. I don’t know if there will ever be a point that someone could just jump on the series and understand everything that is going on, but that’s also the reason why I love it. The overall story is so complex and only getting more and more complex by the issue. If you want to see what it’s like, go ahead and start with this issue and then pick up the trade or something to start from the beginning. It’s so close to perfection, but for now it’s just a fantastic monthly series.

Score: 4/5

Writers: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre

Artist: Juan Jose Ryp

Publisher: Image and Skybound Entertainment

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 7/24/13