Review: Loose Ends #2

LooseEnds_Issue2_CvrThe first issue of Loose Ends grabbed me and caught my attention, but this second issue is so different and so good that I’m hooked me on this series. It’s exactly what an indie comic should be… different from everything else. I've never read a comic that is remotely similar to Loose Ends and I hope I never do again. The series is in this bubble of greatness that if imitated would sully the name. The book has everything, interesting story populated by fascinating characters with rich histories and most of all art. Not just comic book art or visual storytelling, there is real art to be found in this series. The story has many pieces at play. The first chunk is about two police officers storming a drug house and killing everyone within the four walls. This scene is fast and simple and gruesome. It’ll make you wonder what’s really happening since it doesn’t directly tie-in with the rest of the issue, but at the same time you can’t help but want to find out more. Next we’re taken to a strip club with Sonny’s friend and two crooked cops. Artistically this is a great scene as it’s tastefully kept PG-13, but in such a creative way that if still feels like an adult situation. The really great parts are between Sonny and Cheri as they hit the road unsure what to do now that they've witnessed the murder of Sonny’s Ex. We’re treated to a flashback of the two of them in college meeting for the first time and it’s a scene that comes off strangely personal and intimate.

I wasn’t 100% sold on the first issue, like I said it was good, but I really had to compare it to average comics when it is anything but average. The storytelling is different and the pacing is strange, but it works in the contents of the story and that’s what’s important. You have to have an open mind while reading the book because if you go in expecting the same techniques found in superhero books, you’re going to be lost by the pacing. Jason Latour has capture lightning in a bottle with this comic and specifically with this issue which makes me all the more interested in the next issue of Loose Ends.

The art, oh the art. It’s gritty, stylized and downright beautiful. Chris Brunner’s art is so good that Latour doesn't even bother with dialog or captions on two of the pages and limits several others due to the strength of the art. Teamed with Rico Renzi, the story and art come to life in this crime drama unlike anything else.

The most amazing thing about this book is that the team functions like a well-oiled machine. They’re so in sync with each other that you’d think they had been a team for decades. I have been waiting for Loose Ends for months after seeing the first solicits of the series and it has not disappointed since. If you missed the first issue pick it up digitally and then do yourself a favor and instead of taking part in the reboot madness/crossover burnout pick up a comic unlike any before, because Loose Ends just became a strong contender for book of the year.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jason Latour

Artist: Chris Brunner

Publisher: 12 Gauge Comics

Price: $3.99