Review: Man v. Liver (OGN)

I’m making up a new term for this book and it’s an meme graphic novel. You see Man v. Liver is not actually a graphic novel because it doesn’t tell a story. There’s no narrative. Instead it’s a rather large collection of wit accompanied by a rough drawing of the man you see on the cover. Sometimes “Man” is clean-cut and smooth looking and other times he looks like he’s been up all night… drinking… which he has been. I’m not a drinker, but I did find the wit and charm in this book to be humorous and it reminded me of internet meme’s, hence my description for it in the first paragraph. You’d think that a book full of internet style meme’s about drinking would get old quickly, but I found each of them to be amusing or even laughably funny at times. Also I couldn’t put it down once I started and breezed through it quickly because of this.

The book has its way of describing the main character of “Man”, but I like to look at him as if James Bond never became a spy and instead hung out in a bar all the time drinking. He’s witty, he’s classy and most of all funny. Nothing that “Man” says is politically charged or even deals with the world at large. It’s all about the drinking. Like I said, I’m not a drinker and yet I found humor in this story.

Man v Liver

It’s a fairly fast read considering each page is just one panel and the pictures are nothing that will take more than a moment for your brain to processes. It’s not a must read or anything, but if you were looking for humor to brighten your day or share with your friends then this is perfect. In fact I’m sure you’ll find something to quote after you’ve finished reading it and if you’re smart you’ll keep quiet about where you got it from. Also it would make a good purchase to anyone that’s a coinsurer of alcoholic beverages because you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Score: 4/5

Creators: Neil Hinson and Paul Friedrich

Publisher: Andrews McMell Publishing

Price: $9.99

Release Date: 9/24/13