Review: Margo: Intergalactic Trash Collector #1

Margo: Intergalactic Trash Collector, is what we call around these parts a romp. It’s not the greatest comic in the world, but it is entertaining. I’m pretty sure that’s the books main goal, entertain you and maybe get you to like the main character Margo. Margo… is an intergalactic trash collector. It’s not the job Margo wants, but because both her parents worked for the company that now employ her… well she’s stuck. We learn all this as her mother annoyingly calls her while she’s trying to keep her ship from being sucked into a sun. Afterwards she gets some shore leave approved and heads to a bar… only to find herself involved in some dangerous shit that her boss has planned behind her back. She meets a dwarf that everyone calls Dwarf, but insists that he’s not a dwarf. They get captured by some villains and hijinks ensue.

Margo-Intergalactic-Trash-Collector-#1-1The story is okay. The plot makes sense, but it asks you to suspend your disbelief… a lot. Again the story’s main goal is to entertain and not wow you with logic. Margo isn’t a deep character. She’s a bit tomboyish if I’m honest and the story finds any excuse to remove a piece of clothing from her, but it’s the future and clothing is overrated right? There’s actually a lot of humor to the story which I liked. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it ends up being cheesy, but in a good way. When you try to be cheesy it’s bad, but when you end up cheesy it’s enjoyable and fun.

The art has a decent style to it. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t love it either. The main problem is the backgrounds. They’re cluttered or lacking detail with just shapes and random designs populating the background. It’s noticeable and really doesn’t help the art or story. The coloring is okay. It’s gritty like the artwork, but it uses a lot of lighting effects to add depth that don’t quite work out as they become distracting.

The lettering is actually really fucking good. I’m not trying to down play the rest of the book, but the lettering is very professional and does a tremendous job of carrying the story’s narration and dialogue. It really is a very strong aspect of the comic and I think it helps it stand out in the indie market.

Would I journey with Margo on another adventure? Possibly. I think it would depend on the adventure. The story for this first issue has an interesting ending and depending on how serious the story wanted to be, it could have big consequences. Otherwise, I think there’s enough humor and cheesecake that the book would be entertaining for a bit longer.

[su_box title="Score: 3/5" style="glass" box_color="#8955ab" radius="6"]

Margo: Intergalactic Trash Collector #1
Creator: Jim Whiting
Publisher: Whiting Studio
Price: $3.99
Format: Print


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