Review: MC Chicken (Bulletproof Chicken Bonus)

One of my perks for supporting the book on Kickstarter was receiving a second copy of the book in which writer Jon Westoff went through and replaced almost all of the dialogue. I thought this would just be like a Mad Lib gone wrong in which you read it and you laugh at how poorly the word fits with the rest of the sentence, but Westoff out did himself. My version (can’t speak for anyone else’s version) can best be described as the “MC Hammer” edition with a subtitle of “featuring Vanilla Ice”, but Westoff just calls it the MC Chicken edition. Westoff went through with white out and stickers and wrote over 95% of the dialog and replaced it with MC Hammer and Hammer lyrics. That’s right, not just 90’s Hammer, but late 90’s Hammer. I have great handwriting so I’m not going to compare him to myself, but if I didn’t know better I would swear that his hands were broken and he had the pen between his butt cheeks. I kid because really it didn't matter the journey and experience was well worth it.

Mc Chicken - Bulletproof ChickenOther than that it was crap.

Just kidding it was actually really fucking funny and I’m likely to be singing “Go Ninja, go ninja, go” for the next few days.

Surprisingly a lot of it worked and didn’t read like a Mad Lib at all; more like a tribute to a rapper that I will never forget (pours one out). Though I would have appreciated one joke about the cartoon show thrown in for good measure. Also I would direct to Mr. Westoff to the following video on Comic Bastards in which a Hammer song makes a familiar appearance, though I take no credit for that.

Overall, it was funny and worth kicking in the extra bucks for. If you got a copy as well then I think you’ll enjoy it. Oh and no this really didn’t need to be reviewed, but it does give me an excuse to double score it, so suck it… hard.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jon Westoff Artists: Bob Ornelas and Mat Nixon Publisher: King Bone Press Price: $3.99 Website