Review: Medic #4

Medic is a strange fit to the universe. In a way you could read just Medic and cut out other books because it shares so much information. I don’t know if that’s good thing or a bad thing as it either relies heavily on the other issues in the universe or it’s not really needed in the grand scheme of things. Really the info here could be spread out into Slab which shares most of the same characters or Rise, which also has character appearances. I suspect that this book will eventually feature the nurse more since she has a classic nurse look to her. There’s another piece to the puzzle this go around as the alien doppelgänger helps her counterpart Dr. Kifo put some pieces together. There’s more humor and some intense medical drama. It’s fairly burtal.

Medic-#4The writing on this issue is really good. It succeeds in the places that Slab kind of stumbles. That’s the only downside is that these two series are towing a fine line of information and characters. I worry that I won’t need to read both in the future because I’m not a fan of the college kids in Slab and I get all the characters I like in Medic. The one thing this particular series does better than the other books centered around the hospital, is make it feel like we’re in a hospital. The other titles tend to be in labs or in the outside encampment, but Medic is in the actual hospital and so we see the mayhem that’s spilling through the doors.

Medic is another series that’s had consistent art. I don’t feel it has as much personality to the art as the other series, but it’s still quite good. There’s some inconsistencies with a few of the scenes, but the coloring saves it from being glaring.

There’s not much else to say. There’s a big universe reveal, a couple of series elements, but we spend a lot of time seeing the medical staff respond to the outbreak and that’s okay. I liked reading it and didn’t need more reveals or character moments. Just seeing the world responding to the madness was enough for me.

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Medic #4
Story: Bill Jemas, Michael Coast, Stan Chou
Script: Michael Coast, Brian Finkelstein, Bill Jemas
Layouts: Stan Chou
Pencils: Stan Chou, Andres Ponce
Colorist: Marta Martinez
Publisher: Double Take Comics
Price: $2.50
Release Date: 6/1/16
Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital