Review: Mega Man #39

Issue 39 continues with the third part of the story arc. In issue 39 Mega Man, Bright Man, and Pharaoh Man are stuck trying to fight the Wiley Walker that was activated during their recon mission.  Back in the lab Dr. Light and Roll with the help of Dr. Cossack are frantically trying to get a plan to save Mega Man and the team and Dr. Wiley is secretly enjoying the possible demise of Mega Man.   Meanwhile, back in the future, the Mavericks are also dealing with the same problem as their past counter parts.  The Mavericks have accidentally unearth the Wiley Walker and they are also trying to stop the Walker before it destroys half of the city. MEGA_39-0V copy 2During the battle, the Wiley Walker detects Zero, but it initially doesn’t attack him and it goes after Vile.  I found this very interesting because I have always had a theory that Zero and Wiley had a connection somehow.  Just like Mega Man X was Dr. Light last creation Zero is possibly an upgraded version of Proto Man.  It’s just a theory, but it was cool to see how the Wiley Walker completely ignored Zero hence sparking my Zero theory. While the Maverick Hunter are dealing with the Wiley Walker, Mega Man X and Dr. Cain are still in the excavation site but they uncovered a terrible secret about the Wiley Walker and that the walker is carrying a nuclear weapon on it and if it's destroyed it could destroy the city as well.

Mega Man #39 was a great read, the action in the book is fast, and the story moving from the past to the future is very cleverly intertwined makes the story fun.  Plus the reveal of the possible repercussion of that the Walker might have on both sides is actually a cool twist.  As for the art in the book, it’s the same consist art I have enjoyed since I first picked up the books.  Overall, another solid Mega Man book that is coming to its story arc conclusion.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Ian Flynn Artists: Ryan Jampole, Jamal Peppers Colorist: Matt Herms Publisher: Archie Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 07/16/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital