Review: Mind MGMT #32

It has been a while since I reviewed an issue of Mind MGMT. I fell behind and ran out of time to catch up for this the final arc. I am going to be so sad to see this series leave. I may just go back and review the issues I’ve missed because my god some important shit happens. That’s one of the brilliant things about Matt Kindt’s writing on this series. He shows you the same thing over and over, but he changes it every time. What you thought you knew has been changed and if that’s not a metaphor for Mind Management then I don’t know what is. I want to talk about the cover for this issue. Last issue it was Lyme on the cover with his eyes closed and some of Kindt’s best coloring to date. Same here, great fucking coloring. But why are their eyes closed? I mean the logical conclusion is that they’re dead and while that may be a huge spoiler, we just don’t know yet. What’s also interesting about this cover is the smoke trail and how it almost ends up looking like hair... just not Duncan's hair if you catch my drift.

The rarely talked about “The Second Floor” is also very important and just a perfect addition to the issue. It also alludes to the time line not being quite what we think it is which only made me wonder about the ending even more.

Mind-MGMT-#32In the main story Perrier and Duncan are attempting to recruit the bottom of the barrel ex-Mind Management agents in an attempt to help Meru. They find themselves in the jungle of South Africa and we learn that Perrier is keeping an anti-journal to prevent Duncan from being able to read her thoughts. They’re actually arguing about it as Duncan has found out about it, but they keep pressing on.

The thing is, the Eraser has already gotten to everyone. It’s not that she recruited everyone, because that’s not what she actually wants, no it’s that she’s basically said, “Either join me or stay out of my way.” Which lends the question, who do they fear more? Clearly it’s the Eraser as the last few people they contact turn out to be bad ideas and each time Perrier and Duncan barely make it out alive. Ultimately they give up and head to meet Meru.

There are a lot of monthly comic books. Some of them are pretty fantastic with great stories, deep characters and beautiful art. None of them hold a torch to Mind MGMT. This is hands down the best book on the market. Not just the best Dark Horse book, not just the best small press book, not just the best creator owned book, but THE best book on the market.

After thirty-two issues this series hasn’t dipped once. In fact each issue has gotten better and better and in my personal opinion if I were to grade the series as a whole it would get at least a five out of five. It’s probably worth breaking the scale for it though it’s that fucking good.

What really caught my eye this issue was just how fantastic the art was. The coloring was richer and more detailed and yet it didn’t make the rest of the series seem sloppy or lacking in detail. It just matched the story here better. Kindt’s never been a slouch on the art or the water coloring, but here it’s just wonderful and fitting for the climax of the series.

The action is fluid in ways other comics will never be and to mimic. There’s so much action in this issue and yet there’s also an incredible amount of character development and discussions. I continue to love Kindt’s style and the way it breaks the norm of comic books. I only wish he was able to do more illustrations each month.

By the end you should basically be in love with Duncan and Perrier as characters. I know I am and who would have thought that? I mean sure they’re both interesting characters on their own, but this issue elevated them. Kindt made them richer, fuller characters and their appearance in the finale will have meaning now.

We’re nearly to the end of the series and if I’m honest I kind of didn’t want to review the end of Mind MGMT. Sure it’s nice to have others read my thoughts on the issue, but more than anything I’m just enjoying this series as a fan. I’m just so used to talking about it in review format that I couldn’t help but jump back on. If you haven’t been reading Mind MGMT at this point I just feel sorry for you. This is the book to beat each month and so far no one’s come close. Even though it’s not done yet I’m already missing it.

Score: 5/5

Mind MGMT #32 Writer/Artist/Creator: Matt Kindt Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/22/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital