Review: Mind the Gap #14

I knew Elle would come back at least for some tag along story. We start off hearing her and Doctor Crimshaw talk all about Jairus. I felt a real breakthrough coming with this whole case. And then we flashback to follow Elle’s grandfather, Erik, around his adulthood. Total cock block of the story bro! At first, I was pissed, but don’t be alarmed we jump back and forth between the two stories. I also find the jumping to be more interesting instead of just flashing back for a couple of issues. It keeps both stories alive. When I gave ‘My Pull List’ article for this week, I put Mind the Gap on there and told you that I had a feeling it would be a great issue. I couldn’t have hit that more dead on. This issue will blow your mind. It answers most of the suspicions we had about Jairus. It also gives some background story as to why Elle is chosen. I couldn’t believe this issue had so much information. You would think they wanted to save it, which leads me to believe that this story has many layers that we haven’t even starting to dive into.

mindthegap14_coverALike I said, we start out with Elle remembering pretty much everything about her life. She tells her coma buddies all about Jairus and who is in control of it. Then we jump to Erik and his adult life. He moves to America and meets Nora. They decide to build a family, but building a family is way harder than they think it is. This is kind of where Jairus gets pulled in.

We come back to present day where the gang is trying to save Elle. They are working around the clock in order to bring this girl back and prevent the horrible event that will soon take place with Elle. Maybe I keep missing it, but I am pretty sure that the comic still hasn’t revealed what the purpose of Jairus is. We know somewhat of what it can do, but we don’t know for what. This may take a while to reveal to the audience. So now both teams race against one another in order to get Elle. I still can’t even tell what side Elle is on. She seems to be neutral about the whole thing. Clearly, we pick the mom and dad as the bad guys but until we know the purpose how we can blame them. I really do believe that Elle and Erik are about the only two people who could tell us the meaning of all this. This scares me a little bit that only two people know the purpose.

Maybe, I just really dig this chick, but I still think Dr. Geller is the only trustworthy person. While I trust Jo too, I think Dr. Geller will play a more pivotal role in getting Elle back. I just love all the mystery behind it. For a while I thought Mind the Gap was hitting some sort of dead-end, but here I am as a crazed fan once again. I wait till the day when I get issue #15 and so on. The comic is hitting some good strides and can’t slow down while they are on top.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jim McCann Artist: Rodin Esquejo and Dan McDaid Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/18/13