Review: Ehmm Theory #3

When interviewing Brockton McKinney for Ehmm Theory, he told me that issue 3 really gets in deep with the plot. He said that you will have to love issue 3 in order to be into the rest of the series. I don’t see this as a hard thing to do. We have a great set of characters with an equally imaginative story. Gabriel, who recently got shot by his ex-girlfriend for allegedly cheating on her, is on a mission to find his father. Gabe was recruited by Saint Peter in Heaven to go on this mission. Gabe and his now talking cat, Mr. Whispers, embark on a journey that first leads to zombie midgets then onto a human named, Alyona. She is a pretty badass grandma aged woman who knows where to find Gabe’s father at. The whole time we don’t really know what key Gabe’s father holds. Well we find out some information here. We also find out a whole lot of other shit! The issue has loads of reveals and it makes the anticipation gas all worth the while. Gabe and Alyona head to a hospital in hopes of finding a friend of Alyona’s who knows a whole lot about Gabe’s father, Aaron. The friend isn’t exactly what you think he is (yes I said what not who). It is cute how the story involves so many different characters into so many different creatures. The best is obviously the cat!

Ehmm Theory #3Mr. Whispers is a freakin’ fantastic feline. I wanted him to jump out in all his cuteness and have a conversation about hairballs with the little nut. He brings his A game to this issue with his quirky comments that can be seen as nothing short of intellectual acknowledgement. He brings the craziness to this comic. I wonder all day long what the hell my cats are saying when I am talking to them, so bringing the cat to life gives inside information to our little buddies (although I am surprised Mr. Whispers hasn’t mentioned anything about food, because that is all my cats to seem to have on their brains).

Anyway, the gang hits some road bumps on the way to finding more information on Aaron. G.O.D.D., our group here to protect the different dimensions, returns in this issue. I was hoping they would make an appearance because they clearly had more to say at our last meeting. I really can’t tell what these guys are up to. Gabe seems to stick with Alyona, which seems like the best option. You just can’t go wrong when with a granny holding a shotgun.

Honestly, if I say anything else about this issue it gives away lots of information, so just go pick up the damn thing. When reading it you feel like two total fanboys decided to make a comic. They threw in everything that is loved by other fanboys and made a cohesive story out of the whole thing. So it is pure genius and gives that average comic dude the feeling that their ideas came to life.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Brockton McKinney Artist: Larkin Ford Publisher: Action Lab and Danger Zone Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/18/13