Review: Mind the Gap #9

Everything I wrote last review just praised this comic. I didn’t know that I spoke too soon and would be taken back by how shitty this issue was. This issue was a waste. It shouldn’t take me roughly one minute to read a comic and gain absolutely nothing from it. In the time I wasted, I could have beaten my six saltine crackers in under a minute record. I don’t quite understand why this issue was written, which I can’t even say this was an issue since there were only fourteen panels with words on them in this whole thing. And all of those words are only one sentence besides for two. Yep, I had so much free time after this issue that I counted it. I wish I had spoilers to give away but nope….Nothing Happens.

Okay nothing happens, so what. At least the pictures were cool with lots of pop like the other issues….wrong again. There are three colors in this issue; blue, black, and white. I couldn’t even recognize Jo since the art was so cheap. I am pretty sure my cat’s paw prints in the snow have more artistic ability.

We start off with seeing Jo lying on her bed. She is clearly contemplating her current situation. Last issue left us wondering who Miles is, so I thought a great place to pick up with is who the hell Miles is. Also, Elle left us in the middle of a comatose crowd all asking for favors from her. I thought we would see her jump through bodies again to gain more knowledge of her memories. Instead the “hood” goes to Dane’s place, where his father is staying. The “hood” places peanut oil I am presuming on everything Lonnie owns. Certainly he is allergic to peanuts and will die if he consumes it. Jo decides to go over to Dane’s place to find a note from Elle. The note is a goodbye letter to Dane. It describes how she loves Dane and has to go…oh and btw I may die while I am gone. Harsh. Elle also describes how if she makes it back Dane owes her a funnel cake. I guess that isn’t a bad choice when coming out of a coma. I would go for pizza then a funnel cake.

Lonnie shows up, drunk as usual. Jo is left hiding under the bed waiting till he passes out to escape. Of course he uses the toothpaste and passes out from the peanuts. Jo sees the tape recorder on the ground Lonnie used to record his conversations with the “hood” people. The last page reveals that the “hood” doesn’t know if Jo listened to the tape recorder yet, but if she has then she will recognize one of the voices. So the leader or one of the men is probably someone we already met in the comic. That is about the only exciting thing to happen, but still pretty boring consider every other issue made us ask so many questions and revealed Elle’s powers. We do know now that Elle planned this trip it seems. She has some purpose to fulfill with in his coma state.

I think I am just so mad because I built this comic up to be awesome and now the issue after my first review is one of the worst issues I have ever read. Look, there is no doubt Mind the Gap will pick up next issue. It is just a wasted month because this is one of my favorite comics. I will just have to wait until next month to enjoy this awesome story again.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Jim McCann

Artist: Rodin Esquejo & Dan McDaid

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 4/3/13