Review: Mister X – Eviction #3 (of 3)

There were actually a few series that ended this week and it seems as if I was reviewing most of them. I have to say that the one I’m going to miss the most is Mister X: The Eviction since I delight in Motter’s style and writing each month. This issue keeps with the formula of two stories just like the other issues, but this time both stories are really one in the same. At first I wondered why Motter hadn’t just broken form and told one continuous story, but then the reasons against that began to stack up. The overall series was constructed with two things in mind: 1) being smaller segments of the story so that when collected the reader is being given a fresh start/narrative with what would normally be the chapter break and 2) it gives it a classic feel. Almost like a radio show drama that is taking a commercial break, which in turn builds the drama. The issue itself is simple. Mister X and his friends are going to break into the Purgatorium to bust out Mercedes. Everyone thinks it’s a bit crazy, but X knows that the Purgatorium was retrofitted over an entertainment complex leaving all the secret passage ways installed in the building intact. Over breakfast X goes over the plan with Rosie and her new boy photographer Andy and then they bust into the joint… all does not go according to plan, but then maybe it does since you can never tell with X.

Mister X - Eviction #3 CoverThe first story is narrated by Rosie and it’s fantastic. Motter makes her character so deep with just her word choice and frankly I think she has a bit of a thing for X. Her narration instantly sets the tone for the story. Motter’s backstory for this series continues to grow and makes for a rich read. It’s hard not to fall in love with this universe as it is unlike any other in the world of comics.

The art continues Motter’s fantastic style and brilliant coloring. With most coloring the goal is to blend the colors seamlessly together to give it a lighting effect. Now, Motter does that in places, but for the most part his coloring is all solid colors giving the panels and pages a bold look. In a way it plays to the idea set out in the story that the world is “black and white” meaning it’s either this or that and nothing in-between. It’s a fantastic visual and definitely one of the things that always stays with me when reading this series. I also enjoyed the two Easter eggs in this issue; the first comes to us on the cover with “Eisner” being the street name and the second is in the Purgatory when Mister X moves a Hellboy sign to reveal a secret passage way; very cool indeed.

This is a fantastic series and even though I don’t know everything about the world of Mister X, Motter makes sure that new readers won’t be lost with this tale. If you crave a story with a retro world full of retro-tech then you should check out Mister X: The Eviction.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Dean Motter

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/3/13