Review: Moonlighters #1

Moonlighters is a world filled with werewolves, vampires and of course humans. The story follows two agents of Moonlighter: one a werewolf and one a vampire, as they clean up the streets and try to shut down the drug Wolfsbane. They also protect humans from werewolves and vampires that step out of line. The issue revolves around a kidnapped girl and our two leads doing what they need to get her back. There’s very much a good cop, bad cop structure as the werewolf agent is a wild card and even kills another werewolf during an interrogation, while the vampire agent is level-headed. The problem is the vampire agent can’t take the werewolf’s wild card style any more. That and they’re sleeping with each other.

Moonlighters #1 CoverThe story had funny moments which were a saving grace for sure. Otherwise it was just a basic kidnapping story that could be found on any police procedural TV show; of course the only difference being werewolves and vampires which isn’t new either. The dialogue is rough. Thankfully it’s not exposition, but it’s stiff and rarely feels as if anyone would actually say it out loud.

The art is okay. It’s in all black & white which works for the most part. Usually when it doesn’t work it’s when there’s a lot happening on the page; at that point everything becomes lost in itself. There isn’t a lot of detail to the art; more than likely because of the black and white, but it makes it difficult to tell characters a part at times. The werewolf agent looks a lot like all the other werewolf characters which was very confusing during the interrogation scene.

The one thing I will give the issue is that it stars two gay characters. I was surprised by that and frankly it worked without feeling gimmicky, but it too ends up coming across over the top like characters.

Unfortunately this premise isn’t new and it’s not doing anything that different to warrant reading it.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Isaac David Artist: Henry Simon Publisher: Black Rose Comics Website