Review: Mr. Teacher and Panda #1

Mr. Teacher and Panda is a series of one-page stories that follow the “radically ordinary adventures of” the two title characters. Mr. Teacher is just some dude living with a talking panda and their lives are full of a series of events that result in something bad happening to Panda or Mr. Teacher looking like a jerk. MRTPIssue1DIGITALxyzThere’s no consequences to any of their actions outside of the one page. There’s one running gag about Apple Juice that was actually funny, but the rest were kind of meh jokes. Mostly Panda ends up in jail which worked, but after a few stories like that it felt like the safe joke to go to.

The art is by various creators. Some of it is very detailed and realistic, others go for a comical look to match the story. There was only one story that had what I would consider below average art, while the rest was actually strong and well-crafted. The art helps the jokes land which is very important. You want an artist that can bring the joke to life.

Overall there isn’t much to say about this issue. It has its moments, but none of the jokes were that fresh or hilarious. Just more of a smirk and a chuckle if you’re lucky. I will say that I was grateful that there wasn’t an origin story or an explanation of why these two characters are together or why one of them has the name “Mr. Teacher” because that would have ruined any charm that the world had.

If you’re looking for something simple and entertaining you could do a lot worse than Mr. Teacher and Panda, so it might be worth checking out.

Score: 2/5

Mr. Teacher and Panda #1 Creators/Writers: Michael Saver, Andrew Bratica Artists: Various Price: $4.00 (P), $2.00 (D) Format: Print/Digital Website