Review: Musashi

Your first question is probably, “Is this about Miyamoto Mushashi?” and the answer is simply yes. Musashi is all about the famous Japanese samurai Miyamoto Mushashi that lived at the end of the samurai era. The story takes an interesting take on presenting his life though as it’s narrated by Mushashi’s adopted son. The story itself begins at a shrine for Mushashi and his adopted son telling the story of Mushashi’s life to the creator of the shrine. From there the story goes on to tell us some of the facts, some of the myths and a lot of the legends surrounding Mushashi.

MusashiIt’s an interesting way to present the life of Mushashi and the fact that it addresses all the different versions of the stories was very interesting. It does make for an odd narrative because you’ll see one thing visually, but then you hear the characters talk about all the other versions. While that would never work for a normal story, it does here but probably only if you have a vested interest in either history or Mushashi. I found it very interesting since I have an interest in both.

The writing is very good and overall has a good pace. Biographical stories have a tendency to have a weak ending due to following the person’s life so closely, but Sean Michael Wilson manages to make this ending rewarding and the right closing for the story.

Michiru Morikawa brings the story to life with his illustrations. His take on Mushashi is distinct and unlike anything else you’ve seen before. Morikawa gives the action a wonderful presence as it’s dynamic and yet easy to follow.

If you’re into Samurai’s, swordplay or history; then you’ll definitely want to check out Musashi.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Sean Michael Wilson Artist: Michiru Morikawa Publisher: Shambhala Publications Price: $16.95 Release Date: 9/2/14 Format: TPB