Review: My Little Phony – A Brony Adventure

Well this is a thing. I say it that way because how else would you say it? Content aside this is actually a very interesting look at fandom. Fandom that is not limited to ponies, but also comics as well. Sure while the intended target is Bronies the male fandom for My Little Pony, you really could replace “pony” with anything: comics, movies, Pokemon, anime, Skittles. Seriously you can… I mean you’d have to change the ending, but it still works. The gist of the story is that two grown ass men are watching footage of the new “My Tiny Horsey” at Comic Con… yup Comic Con. One is an old school fan, preferring the original look of the Horsies while the other prefers their new look. They begin to one up each other in a series of douchbaggery that includes flash mobs, permanent tattoos, hair alteration and well… experimental surgery.

Really it’s the ending that you’re reading for. The story itself is a very quick read. Moreci and Seeley write some very believable dialogue and by that I mean that you will probably hate all the characters. The gem that they deliver really is the statement about fandom and that dedication to any creative construct that is corporate funded (let’s be honest it doesn’t matter who owns it) is not worth so much dedication and definitely not such… severe dedication. It’s amusing and the ending is quite funny.

MyPhony01-Cov-HaeserThe art is solid. I mean they capture the “horsies” and the fandom. The coloring for the real world felt too muted and weakened the art, but it wasn’t terrible. It just could have been better. Really with a different coloring style this book could have been fantastic looking and I think that would have made the spoof better. A good spoof should look better than the original and this falls short in that category.

As it stands, it’s an okay spoof. I don’t know who’s going to buy it. Lapsed My Little Pony fans? Current My Little Pony fans? People that dislike My Little Pony fans? You see… it’s a strange demographic that they’re chasing with this book. I hope they find their audience or upset the audience that they’re hoping for, but really it wasn’t for me. I figured I’ve reviewed an issue of My Little Pony, why not review a spoof… I’ve done that. I will say this, I love crazy little one shots like this. In five years this will be one of those things that you stumble upon and are amazed by.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Michael Moreci and Tim Seeley Artists: Ken Haeser and Kewber Baal Publisher: Dynamite Comics Price: $4.99 Release Date: 3/26/14