Review: Nailbiter #5

I love reading this comic. I truly love getting it every month and seeing what unfolds next. Some comics over time just fade away, but I couldn’t see myself ever getting sick of Nailbiter. The story captures that creepy mood that I miss from shows like Dexter. It really brings the psychopath into full view. Buckaroo is the birthplace for 16 serial killers, yet there is only one killer that I love following; Warren. This month’s issue shows Warren in many different lights. We actually start with a flashback of Warren being interrogated by Carroll. This is where the art steps in and makes every last bit of Nailbiter make you cling to each page. The flashback is all grey scale, not a big deal, but when you add Warren literally biting his own nails off and deep red pulsing out of his skin, that is when the contrast of colors really comes into play. It gave me chills. It gave me that awkward gut feeling when you see something that will never sit well again. And for the record, pulling nails out is on my top list of do not torture me with. It is nerve racking in so many ways, but again, just a great way to open up this chilling this comic and to open up Warren’s character.

Nailbiter05_CoverWe first see Warren as this vicious criminal. We can’t understand him fully. We know Carroll and him formed some sort of relationship, but we don’t know the extent of it. But there is more between these guys than I think. These two clearly have a long history, yet I still don’t know if Warren will care if he is alive or not. For Carroll, I think Warren doesn’t exactly care about him but what he may uncover and cause with his case. In no way am I defending Warren and his actions, but it is clear from his past that he does care about some things. So then we see Warren in this middle ground. I feel like we go through these emotions with Warren almost every issue.

Finch and Crane, last issue, discover Carroll. He doesn’t look like much, but he is alive. This is a huge break in the case. Who knows if he will wake or if the killer will get to him first, but at least we have some things to investigate, especially where they found Carroll. We don’t get to that cave under the tombs though. Even Crane and Finch’s parts revolve around Warren.

Then out of nowhere the story, the plot takes another twist on Warren’s many personalities. You’ll have to read to know exactly how it turns out but it proves once again that Warren holds the one thing that no serial killer should; compassion. And our new killer knows this. He uses it against Warren. We still don’t know how these two are connected, maybe they are even working together in some way, but Warren has a weakness.

Nailbiter is true to its name. You can’t get enough of this thriller and with 16 serial killers to see in action, it is clear that this comic has some history to share. Warren will be the clear frontrunner though and no matter how hard you try, you stay hooked to the story and to Warren.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Mike Henderson Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 9/3/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital