Review: The Twilight Zone #8

I skipped reviewing a few issues of The Twilight Zone because really there wasn’t any difference in the quality and the structure of the issues during this particular storyline. The treads of our three tales were still being weaved together and that was about all there was to note of difference. This issue marks the end of the second storyline that has followed Diana Westby and the beginning of the third storyline that is following Roy.

With Diana’s story she’s come to the end of the road. She’s seen another vision and knows where the bombing will take place and at what time. She continues having visions of possible outcomes based on what possible decisions she makes.

Twilight Zone #8Without saying what the ending is, because it is a Twilight Zone story and they’re all about the endings, this one is okay. It’s unexpected because the story doesn’t seem to be leading you to this conclusion, but it does make perfect sense. It just wasn’t as thrilling as some of the other possibilities that it shows us along the way and that unfortunately deflates the true ending.

JMS still manages to capture the tone of the original show, but with the modern setting. Even though I thought the outcome was just so-so, it’s still ten times better than the incarnations that followed the original run of the TV show. Also JMS’ ending narrations are fantastic, you can really picture Rod Sterling saying them and that’s just cool.

The art has been consistent throughout the series and that means that it’s looked good from the start. Guiu Vilanova’s art has this way of making it feel like the Twilight Zone. Something that I always felt when watching the show was that wherever the story was taking place didn’t feel like a real part of the world, but rather this little chunk carved out and Vilanova’s art gives the same impression. Even though our three storylines are seemingly taking place in the same world, it’s more like a venn diagram.

This is definitely a series to stick with for at least another arc. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Straczynski is doing more issues after his initial twelve and Dynamite hasn’t revealed who might be taking over after. They’ll have large shoes to fill for sure.

Score: 4/5

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Guiu Vilanova Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 9/3/14 Format: Print/Digital