Review: Next Testament #3

Haemi Jang’s art is explosive in this issue. I am happy to say that these opening pages are the best gore art I have seen in a long time. It is unbelievable how creepy this makes me feel. Thinking about sitting at this dinner party with blood and guts as the main course makes me sick. Wick is a total god, in the sense that he rules over these people and this world. He has powers that we haven’t seen thus making him a god.  Maybe this comic just clicks for me but I am huge fan. All of this series has been a quick read. It is very easy to pick up the book and finish it within a matter of moments. I enjoy the quick read and think the story packs a punch. Clive Barker and Mark Miller don’t try to fill pages. It seems as if they have total control of this tempo not the ads or the audience. Not many comics can capture that rhythm.

So we met up back at the dinner party. Wick just killed one guest and now he is on a mission to kill. Elspeth and Tristan escape through a secret passage way. Julian is surprised to see what his lover, yes I am convinced these two are getting it on, is doing. Wick challenges Julian to make a choice. This is probably my favorite scene in the comic. Wick is letting Julian choose. This is a play on fate for me. Although Wick holds all the cards, Julian can still decide to leave. Is it destiny, fate, free will, or is it Wick controlling the situation?

NextTestament_03_preview_Page_1Julian makes a choice and probably thinks that his choice was made on his own...but who knows. It could all be controlled not even by Wick but some other form. Julian will have to make many more choices including ones about his son. And since Julian seems to hold the knowledge behind Wick he could hold answers of how to destroy him. That just gave me a random thought that if you want to destroy god you must first destroy his beliefs. Who better to lead this fight than the devil? Anyway, just a thought.

Elspeth and Tristan escape to find answers. They grab the first flight out. Wick is left at the house with the cops approaching. He is exciting for the challenge ahead, as am I. This comic offers something new. It takes an idea and turns into something completely different. Although the comic only took place over an hour or so, you have to ask yourself not what happened but what didn’t happen here? It is jam packed with action and issues about what will happen. I don’t know if everyone will dig this comic, but you should jump on now because it is about to get crazy. Next issue should be a whirlwind of events. Some people’s lives are on the line and Julian may have something to say before the day is through.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Clive Barker and Mark Miller

Artist: Haemi Jang

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/31/13