Review: Liberator #2

I received a super early look at this issue, but then because I’m apparently poor at managing my time it turned into just an advanced look at this issue. Either way it was cool! I liked the first issue of this series, but I had doubts and concerns due to the plot and overall construction of the world. Let’s just say that I liked the second issue more and it was due to the fact that it put to rest some of my doubts. In the last issue we met Damon. From his outer appearances he’s just an average dude that works in a coffee shop, but we learned that he’s a hardcore animal rights activist. Instead of protest lines and approaching the community to get involved, Damon takes care of business himself. In the first issue we saw him rescue a bunch of dogs that were being forced to fight and then burn down anything involved with the operation.

In this second issue we kick off with him at odds with his douchie co-worker Randy. I like Randy because I hate him so much. He’s a very realistic character and even though I can’t really figure out why he’s so involved in the story, I think it’s coming soon. After getting yelled at by the boss for fighting they leave each other alone and continue working.

After work we see Damon gearing up for more night activities that include surveillancing his next target a huge fur farm. Also Damon has what I believe is a ‘Strike Anywhere’ poster in his room so he gets kudos for that. While at the farm he runs into someone unexpected and suddenly the covers all begin to make sense if you catch my drift.

Now there are elements of this issue that feel a lot like the first issue. Especially since there’s another segment focusing on Jeanette’s backstory, but this time it’s more of the real reasons she wants to protect animals. I like that Damon has been left a bit of a mystery and that there are bigger eyes watching him and keeping tabs on him. It’s interesting because he thinks that he’s covering his tracks so well that he’ll never be found, but obviously that’s not the case.

Liberators #2-1There’s a second animal raid in this issue and I really enjoyed the amount of thought and detail that the characters/writer put into it. Things like warning people about acid/gas and other measures that they take in order to make sure no one gets hurt, but that the message about animals is delivered. It was a very good issue and I’m excited to see what happens with the rest of the series now. Matt Miner was right when he told me the second issue would answer my questions from the first, so if you had doubts let this second issue put them to rest.

I liked the art more in this issue. There was a ton of artistic flair to the issue and in particular I enjoyed the scenes at the fur farm. The close up on Damon made him look like a bad-ass ninja rather than an animal rights activist, but that was cool. The reveal with Jeanette was definitely my favorite page, but not just because of the line work. The coloring on the moon, sky and the trees was great and stole the show for me. Sure it helped that Jeanette has a “come with me if you want to live” look and body language to her, but in general it was a powerful scene.

Hopefully you’re checking this series out because it’s a very unique comic book. I’m so glad that it is a comic book because I think it shows how wonderful the medium can be. It also helps show that comic books don’t just need to be superheroes or crime fiction. I mean this series is about kick-ass animal rights activists that dress like ninjas and do some major property damage in the name of animals. Where else would you find this story? Give it a shot because it’s pretty damn cool, but also well written with great art accompanying it too.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Matt Miner

Artist: Javier Sanchez Aranda

Colorist: Jaoquin Pereyra

Publisher: Black Mask Studios

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 7/31/13