Review: Curse of the Mumy #2

I found the first issue of this comic nothing more than a self-aggrandizing platform for child actor Bill Mumy to take a break from autographing headshots at conventions long enough to make himself believe he was someone important. So why did I come back for issue 2?

Blue Water Comics, the publishers behind this masterpiece, will be publishing a book on Paula Deen.  Seeing as how I love to watch controversy blow up, I feel I owe the company some payback for giving me some free entertainment.  Since Blue Water makes a comic about everyone who is famous or near famous, the Paula Deen comic may get lost in the mix behind the A-Rod book and the Ed Gein Annual.  But when you can’t sweeten your prejudice with a stick of butter, you duck your head down and bake your way to reimaging yourself.  That’s why I want an autographed #1 issue of Deen’s comic outing.

CurseMumy_Cvr02revisedOkay, here’s the rundown on Curse of the Mumy.  The story focuses on Bill Mumy as he mentally projects into different heroes to fight Hitler on his moon base.  With characters like the leader of the 3rd Reich, a robot named Row Bot, and Shadowman, you know you’re in for some truly unexceptional fun.

Hitler lets loose that he’ plotting to bring the Anti-Christ to reality and end all times.  To combat that, Mumy’s buxom girlfriend does the only cool thing in the book; she consults three skulls for guidance like Sly used the three seashells in Demolition Man.  When Mumy gets rolling with his alternate state heroes, the Illuminati come in and bust things up.

I love preposterous.  But I only appreciate preposterous done right like in Mars Attacks.  That book incorporates weird notions in subtle, well-paced deliveries that add to the overall storyline.  CotM has too many oddities going on at once, and that drowns the reader.  On top of all that, I laugh at the notion of Bill Mumy making himself the focus of the book.  That would be like Stephen King writing himself into every one of his books—and making himself the conquering hero.

So don’t mind this book.  Leave it on the shelf where you keep your untouched reruns of Lost in Space.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Bill Mumy

Artist: Ron Stewart

Publisher: Blue Water Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/31/13