Review: No Mercy #3

It feels like so much has happened to the cast of No Mercy, that they have faced supreme and endless hardships already. Yet it is only issue three. How is this possible? I feel for so many of the characters, I partake in their pain and suffering, I really just want them to all be okay. Except for Chad, I want horrible things to happen to him. Which of course never really happens, I guess expectations for a book called No Mercy should be tempered a little bit. After their bus has fallen off a cliff and killed about half the party, the kids have to deal with coyotes. Much like the bus crash, the coyotes are not pulling punches. People get hurt and killed. They realize the animals are just after the many dead in the bus and go about creating a large pyre hoping to have one less horrific problem inflicting them. But Charlene and Chad are in the bus, as are a group of coyotes.

No-Mercy-#3-1What follows is the possibly the quickest turn of emotions I have ever had thanks to a comic. First there is dread and worry as Chad is ready to sacrifice his sister to get away from the coyotes just as two boys are preparing to blow up the bus. Then a feel of pride as Charlene stands up for herself. Complete cheering as she shoves Chad towards the ravenous beasts while she escapes. More joy as Chad gets attacked. Then the bus blows up with Charlene and the boys doing an awesome bad ass walk away scene. Followed by my heart just dropping as a shadow emerges from wreckage and Chad whispers to his sister how he will kill her for what she has done. Why must Chad live? I am mad, sad, and worried now. Damn this comic.

The next morning everyone convenes, the one adult who knows the area takes the most bad ass of the teens with her to get help. Things look hopeful, and if this was the last issue, maybe it would end with choppers flying them all away. That's how these stories end, right? Not here, the adult collapses just as they can apparently see a village.

Back at camp Chad taunts Charlene while everyone is out of ear shot. People are getting bandaged up with little scrapes of hope. And in a heart wrenching three pages Tiffani reminisces and mourns her now dead best friend Lily.

So this book is still firing on all cylinders. It is one of the most thrilling reads of the last few months. The characters are drawn in a very lively and emotive fashion allowing you to care for characters you have just met. Tiffani's reminiscing is done with just a few panels, all silent, but you can tell how the two were best friends and loved each other. The emotional bond created with these characters is essential so you care about every threat facing the teens. I don't want to see anymore harm happen to any of the cast, besides Chad who is on his way of becoming one of the best antagonists ever based on the sheer amount of hatred I have for him.

This book is still a thrill ride, you should be picking up the issues because I'm not sure a person's heart can deal with too much of this story in one sitting.

Score: 5/5

No Mercy #3 Writer: Alex De Campi Artist: Carla Speed McNeil Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital