Review: The Ghost Fleet #8

Well this is the end of The Ghost Fleet, a series with a lot of promise and probably one of the best new titles from Dark Horse in the past eight months. Clearly the creators knew the end was coming as this issue has a very meta opening that was both sad and funny, in which they compare their cancellation to Firefly. Then there’s the prologue of sorts which shows where they wanted to take the series and give a tease of just how big this story was going to be… this series could have run for a long damn time and been really fucking good. Even though the opening and the ending seem out of place with the way the series has been from the beginning, they work within the story and it doesn’t feel so abrupt to have them apart of this final issue. And what a final issue this is.

If you read the last issue, then you already know what to kind of expect here. There’s some twists and turns and overall it’s a fantastic issue. I wish it had made it to print and who knows, maybe when the trade is released it’ll find its audience that was a little too reluctant to take a chance on a new series that basically had everything. Friendship, Action, Humor, the Apocalypse and dialogue that felt as if it were being delivered by real people due to the depth of the characters.

The-Ghost-Fleet-#8-1I’m not going to tell you any more of the story because it’s the last issue and if you didn’t read it then why would you even care? I’m honestly really sad to see this series go because it was one of the first I read when it’s released. Thank you Donny Cates for one hell of a story.

The story pulls out all the stops and so does the art. Daniel Warren Johnson better have another job lined up because his work on this series has been incredible. He makes it all look easy. He nails action, he nails intense facial expressions that capture the entire range of emotions. It’s goddamn gorgeous and I would say more, but then I would have to get in to specifics and again, you should have just read it.

This is a short review. It’s the end of a series that should have kept going because it just got really fucking good. If it was the stock market each issue would have seen an increase on the charts and now we’re just cut off like the Feds found some wrong doing, but there’s no wrong doing. Just another comic book causality of a medium that for some damn reason only wants capes and tights. Me, I’d rather read Ghost Fleet then to see if Spider-Man is going to run out of webs or if Superman will yet again punch his way out of a problem… but I guess that’s just me.

Score: 5/5

The Ghost Fleet #8 Writer: Donny Cates Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $1.99 Release Date: 6/3/15 Format: Digital