Review: Om (OGN)

Om is a silent comic; that is to say that there is no dialogue which makes it a tale that can be enjoyed by any one. “Silent” issues aren’t uncommon in comics, but there is a tendency to use them more as a gimmick then to tell a story. That’s not the case with Om which is a light-hearted story about that little dude in the bottom left hand corner of the cover. Each page has six panels and in a way contains it’s a complete section of the overall story. We’re introduced to Om as he wakes up and eats his alarm clock. That is the charm of Om… he eats everything. Eventually he cooks a giant egg that sprouts legs. He decides to keep the egg and take it to school with him instead of eating it. One morning he wakes up to his alarm clock trying to kill him, but Om does what he does best and eats it. That same morning Om discovers that his egg has been egg-napped and the rest of the story is his journey to retrieve his egg.

It’s definitely a cute story. The ending is strange actually because you could pull a deeper meaning from it. It was lost on me, but it’s one of those things that would be interesting to hear other people’s opinions on.

Since the story was told visually I’m going to focus on the visuals. The line work is very clean. There’s a cartoonish style used, but even then everything is very detailed and intentional. Whereas I enjoyed the art I could also see kids of all ages enjoying the book as well. I got a good chuckle out of the alarm clock holding two sharp sai’s to Om’s neck. I was very impressed with the range of character designs; aside from Om’s peculiar design there’s a martial arts chicken, a fish dude with a fish tail head and other amusing creatures.

It’s a fast story to read and while I don’t see people re-reading it over and over again it’s definitely worth experiencing and reading at least once. If you had a kid that likes comics and you want them to experience something other than superheroes I would highly recommend it. Om is amusing and well-drawn, but more so it’s worth the read.

Score: 4/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Piotr Nowacki Self-Published Price: $1.65 (roughly) Website