Review: Peanuts #16

The anthology of stories covers four main tales involving the hapless Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang.  While the book is aimed at children, the selections provide enough pathos and entertainment so that adults will leaf through and smile at the adventures of Charles Schulz’s wonderful creations. “The Doctor is Way In” sees Lucy visiting her psychiatrist stand to deal with one of the most demanding customers she will ever face: herself.  Her self-examination reflects the ruminations we all feel when the world seems so crazy that we give pause to wonder if we are a little off.

Peanuts16_PRESS-1“She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” finds Charlie Brown waiting at the mailbox for a Valentine to arrive.  Lucy arrives to bring the romantic daydreamer back to earth.  After being disillusioned by Lucy, Charlie Brown receives the best Valentine possible.

Franklin gets a new pair of shoes in “New Shoe Zoom.”  While he feels his speed to be unparalleled, he gets a simple humility lesson from an unsuspecting source.

“The Artist” features Linus becoming a prominent artist with a gallery set to stun and impress the critics.  However, he finds that his art may be better (or worse) than he imagined.

This is another issue that will please and delight readers of all ages.  As always, the legacy that Charles Schulz started is honorably continued with this fine work of collected writers and artists.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: KaBoom/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/26/14