Review: TMNT - Utrom Empire #2 (of 3)

I was a little nervous opening this issue. #1 was a brilliant introduction, but I didn’t know if I could fully emerge myself into the Utrom Empire. After all, I never got into it as a kid. But this issue proved everything that I wanted it to prove; the TMNT universe, no matter where we are, rules! Since I haven’t been truly introduced to Krang’s world until recently, I thought this issue picked up at a perfect spot. It explains a little more than the first issue did. We bounce from current day with Fugitoid and Stockman to the past with Krang and Zog. Fugitoid is having a rough week. He gets captured by Krang and once he finally escapes he runs into Baxter Stockman. This dude is mean; plain and simple. Anyway, he wants to eliminate Krang’s race. Fugitoid doesn’t want such a drastic thing to happen to Krang even though the dude is pretty evil. Honestly, you have to feel for this pink brain. Even evil doers have moments of greatness.

Our second story is focuses on our flashbacks from last issue with Zog, Krang, and Quanin. Let me just first say that you can’t get any better than brain-figured creatuers fighting rhinos. Life is just so perfect when a comic can do that! Anyway, Krang’s father, Quanin, is trying to publicly execute Zog in order to get a message across to his land. Obviously, Krang is the brawns behind all this power. He is pretty awesome, and I never thought I could love such a grotesque thing. Plus he now possesses both brains and brawns.

TMNT_UE02_cvrAReally...there is tons of action in this issue. Again, the first one hit and it was a tad slow, but I got involved with this issue. I haven’t always been obsessed with Baxter Stockman, but with the new portrayal of him, I really love his involvement with the comic. He and Fugitoid are not getting along at all. I really feel bad for Fugitoid. Not only has his world been turned upside down with being turned into a robot, but he is now a prisoner. Although after his acts today with Krang, I think he may be treated a little nicer.

TMNT has done lots of micros, and with micros you usually get no involvement with the original comic and that sucks. That is why the Turtle’s world is so awesome, because in every issue we get some sort of involvement from the Turtles. It may be small, but at least shows that these comics relate in a huge way. Micros like these prove to be the most successful in my opinion.

The last thing I wanna shout out about this comic is Andy Kuhn’s art. It is amazingly awesome. The characters are everything I picture. Then when you put Bill Crabtree’s colors on top, you dive right into Krang’s world. Seriously, pick up this issue if you had doubts. It will prove how TMNT can ooze into their micros and still keep your interest. And obviously reading these issues will help you understand the plot when the Turtles take down the Technodrome.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Paul Allor Artist: Andy Kuhn Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/26/14