Review: Penguins vs Possums #7

Having followed Penguins vs Possums from the beginning of the series, it’s been interesting to see how the series has developed and changed as time has gone on. The series is wrapping up after this issue which unfortunately didn’t leave a lot of plot development for this issue. In a lot of ways, it’s a recap of the series as it focuses on setting the stage for the final battle between two unlikely rivals. The human element also plays a bigger role in this issue. Most of the time the humans are just used for comedic purposes, but now they’ve take a larger role in the comic. Off the bat I will say that the art struggles with the humans the most. The prime example being on the cover with our male character’s head being far too large for his body. That happens a few more times.

Penguins-vs-Possums-#7-1At any rate, with the story we pick up after Doc’s death. The elder penguins are looking to kill Amaru and stop the prophecy. Thankfully Zolin stops by just in time and saves him. They reunite back at the Possum base and they hash things out and rebuild their friendship. We also learn how Zolin lost his eye which is pretty funny.

On the penguin side of the story, they’re readying their bomb. One of the other penguins suggests gassing the possums instead, but the leader decides to do both. The humans get blamed for the bomb disappearing and they choose sides in the penguin/possum war.

The possum side of the story was pretty good. Amaru and Zolin rebuilding their friendship and revealing the truth about themselves to each other was actually really good. The penguin side is 100% just hanging out until the ending which is a damn shame since there have been some interesting things on their side of the story. There used to be a questions of whether all penguins are bad or not, but now the book delivers a resounding “yes” as the answer.

The art, other than the problem with proportions, continues to be really strong on this series. It’s grown from the beginning of the series and there’s now a lot more detail to the characters and the settings. Additionally, there’s a variety of scenes in which we don’t see the possums head on. Something that was noticeable about the previous issues is that this was a weakness of the artist, but now it’s greatly improved and matches the rest of the art.

Overall, this is an okay issue. If you’ve been reading from the beginning you won’t be disappointed, but you’re not going to be pooping your pants with excitement either. It’s a solid issue that sets the stage for the finale, but it’s also an issue that will read better with the entire series than it does on its own.

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Penguins vs Possums #7 Creators: Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring and Lindsay Calhoon Bring Publisher: Fanboy Comics Price: $3.99 Format: Mini-Series; Print Website