Review: Penguins vs. Possums Vol. 1

Comic books and movies have given us some of the greatest rivalries in geek culture.  Alien vs Predator, Robocop vs Terminator, Jason vs Freddy and now Fanboy Comics have given us a new rivalry for the ages: Possums vs Penguins. Fanboy Comics has just released the first volume of the epic battle that is Penguins vs. Possums, and if you think these animals are cute and cuddly then you are wrong dear reader, these two clans are out for blood and they won’t be happy until one side is completely wiped out. Originally, I had read issue one of this comic when it came out, but I wasn’t able to keep up with the series. Now with issues being collected I can finally finish the series and after reading this book I have to say, that this book more than meets the eye.   At first, you think how will this book work? Well, the story works because it has very simple story of two different groups that live very different lives. On one side you have the penguins; they live in a contained environment at the San Diego Zoo and are beloved by the humans. Literally they are the royalty in the story.

PVP TPB Front Final CoverMeanwhile, the possums live more of a simplistic life.  They live underground and struggle to find food, they have strong traditions and are more religious. The possums believe in prophecies of the chosen one ending the war, and the humans detest them because of how the look.  These element works well in the book, because it shows a stark contrast between our two characters. For all their differences, both of these animals have two things that make them very similar and that is that both races hold traditions and honor into high regard and within their races there is always corruption in their tribes.

The book does a great job of telling the story from both sides, it also show the savagery, gruesomeness and consequences of war; and through the consequences of war it can either break an animal or forge leaders from that tragedy.  Even during war, there are always plots of betrayal from both sides and it reminds the reader that these two animals are very similar.  Even though the book does a good job of giving the story from the penguin’s perspective and the possum’s perspective, the book doesn’t cover a lot the reason why these two clans are at war.  I am guessing, that maybe in volume two of Penguins vs. Possums that this is might be hashed out and will be done by the human element of the book.  As far as the human element of the story, I did like this a lot about the book. I found it funny that when the humans show up the writers do a great job of making it into a bit of humor, especially when both sides are doing something very significant.

The art in the book is very solid, great use of black and white. The art looks smooth and awesome details of the animals, especially when the animals are enraged. Those scenes with the possums enraged look amazing and you can appreciate the level of detail that the artist takes on those panels.   Overall, Penguins vs. Possums is a great read. I am glad that I waited for this book to be collected, because it was a great read that show a lot of emotion and grit with some good art to combine the story. The ending to the first book definitely leaves it open to a continuation and that this war is far from over.  I can’t wait for volume two.

Score: 4/5

Writers: Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, & Lindsay Calhoon Bring Artists: Sebastian Kdalecik & John Bring Publisher: Fanboy Comics Price: $14.99 Website