Review: Peter Panzerfaust #13

Not every issue of an ongoing story can be amazing or tremendous depending on the structure and genre of the story. This issue is solid and very necessary to the storyline, but because of that there aren’t a lot of big action moments or intense suspense. What the issue and ending are building to be is going to pay off in a huge way in the next issue for sure though, which makes this one important in a different way. This is the issue with all the “actions” and none of the “consequences” and while those actions aren’t bullets fired, they will have dire consequences in the next issue. Felix wakes up to Elise holding him telling him to wake up. He says that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, but she gives him some sobering words and encourages him to wake up again. He opens his eyes for the first time and finds Glibert screaming over him. They charge into the blazing building that he was pushed out of in the last issue. They search desperately for Peter, but are having no luck finding him… which is the perfect cue for him to show up holding his arm and coughing due to the smoke.

The story cuts back to the present as the reporter questions how much of the “truth” he’s being told. He doesn’t buy that Peter could survive such an explosion considering how close he was to it and that he barely had time to push Felix out-of-the-way. Felix assures him that he’s telling him the entire truth and informs John that Peter couldn’t be killed. Much in the same way he couldn’t be killed… because he was cursed to survive. Of course John questions how survival is a curse, to which Felix tells him that he can only ask that because he hasn’t seen war. From there more actions are put into place and the story continues its build up to what’s sure to be two more issues of consequences.

peterpanzer13_coverIt’s not that I didn’t like this issue; it’s just that it slowed down compared to the last four or five issues of the series. There’s a reason for it of course, but we’ll likely see that reason in the next issue. It’s a different style of issue, but it’s still very good in its own way. Wiebe has really changed it up in this chapter of the story. I really like that he’s cutting to Felix and John in the present because I had no sense of John prior to this. Maybe I missed the issues previously that he played a role in, but I seem to recall that he really only appeared in the beginning and end of each chapter in order to connect the present day Lost Boys. His role here has been far greater and I think that’s because he’s catching a glimpse of where Peter’s character is going. I’m not really sure myself, but I can’t wait to see what happens. It’s like Wiebe is saying, “don’t call him a hero just yet”, but we really don’t know why.

The opening scene with Felix and Elise was heartbreaking. Felix looks like a very different character. His body language tells us that he loves this person and that he genuinely doesn’t want to be without them. It’s a quick scene, but it gives a strong look at his character. He’s acting tough and while he does a damn good job of it, inside he’s sad and broken. Jenkins art paints this picture for us and it’s incredible. You can still see how broken Felix is when the story cuts to the present and we find him in church. The fact that he picked a church in the first place tells us a ton about his character; while the other Lost Boys have welcomed John into their home, he’s picked a public place where they won’t be disturbed.

Again, this issue isn’t full of intense action or witty dialogue. In fact everything is pretty calm for the most part… it’s the eye of the storm though. Everything is only going to get bigger and scarier in the next issue and I can’t wait to read it.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe

Artist: Tyler Jenkins

Publisher: Shadowline and Image Comics

Price: $3.50

Release Date: 8/14/13