Review: Planet Gigantic #1

I’m happy to see Planet Gigantic at Action Lab Entertainment. Creators Eric Grissom and David Halvorson gave me a look at the zero issue a while back after giving them much praise for Deadhorse one of my indie darlings. Planet Gigantic is nothing like Deadhorse as it’s more of a throwback title in the vein of, and I hate to say this, old Kirby cosmic adventures. I just find that term over used, but it really does apply for the most part to Planet Gigantic. The difference being that this is a kid’s friendly book and Kirby wasn’t writing for the kiddies. The story just beings, there’s no lead up we’re just in the heat of things as a spaceship falls from the sky. After the crash we find two kids inside the wreckage named Yuri and Valentina. As they come to they see their “mother” trapped under some wreckage. Though they don’t say it we can see that mother is a robot. Yuri grabs her memory core and the two launch themselves away to safety. They’re not safe for long though as they get involved in someone else’s battle in which they show they both have incredible powers.

Planet GiganticThere’s also a second story starring a character named Lyana who is also on the same planet. She’s a seeker, but more so she’s the seeker other seekers go to when they want something. She’s actually just a young girl riding a flying lion, but as this story shows she’s more than capable of handling things on her own. Her story is a bit familiar and you can think of it as the lion with the splinter type of yarn.

Both stories are very good and I can see young kids actually really enjoying them. The world that our two creators have constructed is interesting and full of mystery. That and what little kid doesn’t like other little kids with powers? None I say.

Grissom does a fine job with the dialogue and the pacing of the story. The kids are a bit mature for their age, but it makes sense considering they have powers and fly across the universe. I think that would mature anyone. The pacing is great as there’s never a dry spot, I think that’s particularly important with material geared towards younger kids because it holds their attention.

The art is wonderful as Halvorson has a great style for the story. The designs are animation inspired and really if the coloring was different it would look like a kids cartoon. Instead the coloring is grittier and better suited for the comic book. It gives the book more of a Bruce Timm vibe than a cable network cartoon look. Halvorson’s creature designs are very imaginative and I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with throughout the series.

I don’t know if a lot of adult readers will enjoy this story, but if you enjoy books that are simpler in construction and overall very wholesome then you’ll enjoy Planet Gigantic.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Eric Grissom Artist: David Halvorson Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 10/29/14 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital