Review: Planet of the Apes - Cataclysm #8

Man, this comic is good. Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm has such an interesting story line. I have yet to understand the cover of this issue though. I think it is a foretelling of a story line to come or even a representation of how all races should help one another. That would make the most sense to me since there is a lot of animosity in this issue. Clearly people like to think that in a time of crisis different people or apes can come together to share common goals. This comic is showing what would actually happen; fighting, plotting, overthrowing and fear. Dr. Zauis is still dealing with the apes wanting more food and better leadership. He takes his wife’s advice and ties to make some speech about all the apes working together to get food. The chimpanzees, listening to an orangutan, take his comments as forced labor. Now, some of the chimps have a pact not to talk to any other ape races.

Milo and Cornelius are still trying to escape from Amicus, the ape with the all food in a far off land hiding creepy humanoids from society. Oh and these humanoids have the power to turn minds into mush, so I wouldn’t mess with them. Amicus catches Milo and Cornelius and sentences them to death. This goes against everything each ape should stand for; apes don’t kill apes. It is pretty much the only big law they live by. Amicus has decided their fate based on the fact that Milo and Cornelius saw the creepy people. He doesn’t want the world to know about these people (I still have no idea what these humanoids are. They just look like humans and have veins popping out all over). You may be wondering why I changed their names from creepy dudes to people though since my last review…well they aren’t all dudes. Some are dudettes. Yep, a creepy girl saves Milo and Cornelius.

But it gets better. That creepy girl is Amicus’ daughter, Chinda! She has some other special power too but you have to read the issue to find out. It is mind blowing. Chinda wants her father to let the apes go on one condition; Milo, Cornelius, and the other apes, including Vitus, don’t talk about the creepy people after leaving. Her power helps win Milo and Cornelius over. The apes leave in peace and discuss on the way home how the water is what is causing the mutation in these creepy people. They decide to take some vegetables for their hometown anyway even though the water is not safe. It is worth the risk to them. Not to me. I would run far away from those veggies if I knew they could cause mutations among my family. I guess it is a good question of survival…how far would you go to stay alive?

Vitus tells Dr. Zauis that they whole town was destroyed but they did manage to get some burnt veggies to harvest. As you may have forgotten, Dr. Zauis met one these creepy people threatening to take over the apes and rule. Dr. Zauis can’t believe that the town was destroyed since he thought Vitus would find more creepy people there.

At the end, Prisca is still holding secret meetings about a better leadership tactic. Cadmus is in jail, so I hope she eventually takes on the role of leader. She introduces their guest speaker for the night and it is Cornelius. He has much to tell of ruins, religious groups, and the humanoids he meant. Oh man this is getting good! It got me all ape crazy for more. I love the comics that make you feel like a little kid spending your tooth fairy money on a new comic or toy; best feeling ever. I can’t wait till the next issue and hope this series keeps up with my obsession.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman

Artist: Damiian Couceiro

Publisher: Boom Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/3/13