Review: Plunder #3

Each issue of Plunder has managed to have a different vibe or at the very least a different attack towards the narrative. Usually with a mini-series you feel as if you’re reading a trade cut up into single issues, but Plunder strangely feels as if each issue was written separate from the others. Don’t misunderstand, that’s a good thing because with a mini-series that most annoying possible thing is that you feel as if you’re reading the same issue over and over or again a trade that’s been cut up and not really worth reading single issues for. This issue explains little bit about the alien/Thing inspired creature that’s been making our crew of pirates see their wildest dreams that quickly turn to nightmares. Apparently our scientists were sent to study why the reef in the area was dying and discovered a spaceship. Our surviving scientist explains everything in detail, the ship, the creature found inside and what happened afterwards.

Plunder-#3Afterwards the Captain finally decides it’s time to get going since they can now repair their boat. But the alien begins infecting them and almost picking them off one by one. Bahdoon still seems to be the only one keeping a level head, but I’m sure the ending will confuse most.

The thing is, the ending is and isn’t obvious. There’s hints laced throughout this issue so while it appears to be a pretty safe issue leading into the finale, it’s not. It’s just trying to trick you and I wish I could say why because it actually ties into the story. It’s as if Swifty Lang is testing you to see if you’re paying attention. Even if you’re not you’ll still enjoy this issue, but you’ll probably enjoy it more if you are. Granted I had to think on it, but when it dawned on me… well let’s just say it improved the score.

Skuds McKinley stumbles a bit with this issue. There’s more than few panels that felt rushed which is a shame since he was very consistent on the first two issues. It doesn’t wreck the issue or anything, but it’s noticeable at times. Where he does excel is the hallucinations, particularly the first one of the issue. His creature design continues to be imaginative and yet fits the atmosphere and tone of the series.

There’s not much I can say about this issue because again you need to be paying attention. It’s a really good issue though and it has me looking forward to the conclusion of the series. The book definitely draws a lot of comparison to The Thing, but it’s still a rewarding read so don’t write it off just because of that. If you like horror or just terror, then Plunder is worth checking out.

Score: 4/5

Plunder #3 (of 4) Writer: Swifty Lang Artist: Skuds McKinley Colorist: Jason Wordie Publisher: Archaia/BOOM! Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/29/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital