Review: Project Superpowers: Blackcross #4

Usually when mysteries are slowly unravelled, the reader gets more invested and interested. Finally things are starting to make sense and that cool creepy or mysterious scene you loved before makes a ton of sense in context. But as Blackcross slowly unravels, I find myself less invested. Actually that is a minomer, as the motiff is continued and the characters continue on a repeated path of lumination of what we the reader already know, I am losing interest. I want a little less repetition. In an issue where two of our protagonists are dealing with a body of a man they just killed the issue before, I felt like I had read half of the issue before. We get another character from before realizing the truth of the power that is no haunting him. We have another scene where a being bonds with another character. We saw all of this last issue, and after reflecting on it for a month, I wanted something new, or at least a repetition of something that is still mysterious. The answer of the powers is already semi illuminated, if you are going to show more origins please let them reveal something new.

Blackcross #4Now while I am lamenting on how much of this issue feels like retread from the one before it, some of the returning refrain still is great. The American Spirit serial killer remains haunting and terrifying, and I could probably read an entire issue of just the terror he produces as he horrifies his prey. At some point I want answers of course, but that is one recurring element I am far from over.

But there is still hope for this book, as the "heroes" slowly unite we do have some good dialogue. The art is still amazingly gorgeous and the right amount of dark. As I said above, the appearance of the American Spirit is still hauntingly beautiful to take in. I plan on trying any book Worley draws from here on out. Maybe Ellis and Worley can team up for another book once this one is over.

This issue isn't bad, but it isn't exciting either. It moves the story forward. No scene is wasted, they just lack a real sense of momentum. When read with the rest of this story I know it will fit in seemlessly, but as a single issue it feels a little lacking. I can't be too harsh on the issue though, everytime the American Spirit attacks is a great scene.

Score: 3/5

Project Superpowers: Blackcross #4 Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Colton Worley Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/17/15 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital