Review: The Infinite Loop #3

Wow, okay well I wasn't expecting this. This being the tiny black bar on the cover that reads 'Suggested for mature readers', which if you're like me you totally didn't see before reading the first 5-6 pages. The Infinite Loop ramps up the sexuality of the book with a four-page love scene. Teddy saves Ano from the fall and takes her to her special place, which Ano nicknames her 'closet'. In the 'closet' they give in to their desires. This scene is a hard one to describe. First of all, I have no problem with girls falling in and making love with each other, nor do I have a problem with the depiction of the scene. It was drawn beautifully and emphasized the feelings the two characters have for each other. It just feels like it comes too soon in the story. We've jumped from Teddy feeling weird sleeping next to Ano to having intercourse in one issue. I understand that the analogy of the 'closet' allows her to unleash her inhibitions but it still feels too quick.

infiniteLoop03-cvrABeing a person who watches a lot of anime and grew up playing long RPGs I guess I'm more prone to drawn out storylines. I want to point out that I would have the same problem if it were a male/female relationship. I feel that putting two characters together that quickly diminishes their feelings for each other. Look at any show where we know two characters are going to hook up, but it gets put off while we learn why they love each other.

This is going to sound weird in a comic that involves time travel, but the accelerated time frame comes off as strange. The previous two issues were following Teddy in normal time-frame then this issue we get interludes during a five-month period. The point of drawing the time-frame out is to make the feelings look more genuine. But because it all happens in one issue you have to accept that the character’s opinions changing on a dime.

This all sounds like I didn't enjoy the issue, but I did. I love the style and I'm pleasantly surprised by the twists in the story. Still loving the use of flow charts to explain Teddy's thought processes. It ends well again, making you wonder what will happen next (and because of the way this one surprised me, I have no idea). I would have liked the love between Teddy and Ano to have been drawn out, but it's not my story. I still highly recommend this book, just probably not for younger readers now.

Score: 4/5

Infinite Loop #3 Writer: Pierrick Colinet Artist and Colorist: Elsa Charretier Publisher: IDW Publishing Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/17/15 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital