Review: Protectors Inc. #9

Things are finally starting to unravel in Protectors Inc as the penultimate issue is now out giving the reader insight and information in a way that fully entertains and enlightens.  This has been a very nice little independent gem of a tale utilizing the best elements of drama, old school film noir pulk, and a solid take on superheroes, corporate greed, and humanity in general.  But that is beginning to be what I expect from the writing power of J. Michael Straczynski who has been on a roll lately with some seriously good stuff (see reviews for Twilight Zone and Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle).  Writing appears to come easy for Mr. Straczynski as he has navigated this extended arc of story now successfully for 9 full issues with only the finale left.  It has been an impressive feat.  I put Protector’s Inc up there with some of the year’s best work. ProtectorsInc09_Cover 10.3.14And as Issue #9 progresses, there appears to be no sign of letting up.  Within these pages, Detective John Riley finally meets up with The Patriot, the OH (Original Hero) who gives him insight on the super powers that made him who he is and the Protectors who they are.  We also get added back story on the origins of The Angel and some of the inner workings of the Protectors themselves and some of their issues involved with power, greed, and sacrifice.  All of this juiciness is completed by the reveal of what is going on with not only Riley’s murder investigation, but other mysteries as well.  All I can really say is that you have better strap yourself down, because we are getting ready to go on a hell of a ride for the finale.

I have kept looking for some slowdown to occur within this story, but there has not been anything as of yet.  Straczynski’s pacing has been smooth and nearly flawless as each line offers the reader insight into the workings of the grander outcome that is about to occur.  The whole story has played out like a pulpy novel with each issue acting as a new chapter into this adventure of good old-fashioned police work and super hero showiness.  It has been an impressive take.

Keeping Straczynski's pacing smooth has been the equally flowing art style of Gordon Purcell.  He has drawn the many characters with style and polish, but with additional flaws within them if you care to look deeper.  It is done with a complexity that works well with Straczynski's equally complex, yet easy to read morality play.

Who knows how this thing is going to end.  The only thing that I know for certain is that I am going to be missing this little entertaining and edgy title once it’s gone.  Protectors Inc. will leave a lasting impression on you. Bring on the finale guys.

Score: 4/5

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Gordon Purcell Publisher: Image/Joe's Comics Price $2.99 Release Date: 10/1/14 Format: Print/Digital