Holy F*uck… An Interview With Daniel Arruda Massa About Holy F*uck

Hey if the headline isn't broke then don't fix it! At the beginning of the week we started off by talking about Holy F*ck on our podcast (which you can hear, here around the 40 minute mark) and then I talked to writer Nick Marino, the writer of Holy F*ck (which you can read here). Today we're talking to the artist of the series Daniel Arruda Massa and he brought with him some sketches for us to check out as well. It's been a Holy F*ck kind of week around here so enjoy!

Holy F-ck Early Sketch 2 CB 10.3.18DUSTIN: We heard the story earlier in the week about how you ended up working on Holy F*ck (which people can read here), but what was it like to get a job just from posting a comment?

DANIEL ARRUDA MASSA: Really cool, to be honest I was surprised that Nick didn't just think I was some crazy person.(He know better now.) That said, I have found that a lot of people like the straightforward approach, I just try to get down to what I want.

DUSTIN: I’m a huge fan of your design for Satan, can you tell me what the design process was for that character?

DANIEL: It actually took me quite some time to get the design for Satan down. At first I wanted to make him to be totally ripped and stuff, so I tried to model him after certain gangster rappers. This didn't feel quite right, so I decided to go the other way and tried to make him the opposite of Jezus. My biggest inspiration for the final Satan design was David Cross.

DUSTIN: A follow-up to that, do you have a favorite character or one that you learn more towards?

DANIEL: Satan, I guess. That said I think this is Maria's story.

Holy-F-ck-Early-Sketch-1-CB-10.3.14DUSTIN: Now in talking to Nick he said that Holy F*ck is a book that you can take two ways; one in which there is a deeper story and the other which was action adventure entertainment. Did you have a similar goal with your art?

DANIEL: I usually just try to find the clearest way to depict what we are trying to say. I just want everything to be as clear as possible... I hope that is in answer to your question.

DUSTIN: I'll take it! 

DUSTIN: What’s been your favorite part of working on the series thus far? Any scenes we should keep an eye out for that can tell us without spoilers?

DANIEL: Issue four was a tons of fun to draw, so I can't wait for people to read it. The end of issue one is my baby tough.

DUSTIN: Last question, is it ever strange drawing a ripped version of Jesus with a tattoo cross on his chest holding two guns and shoot the shit out of something? I mean that’s one hell (pun intended) of a  sentence just to write!


Seriously people what more do you want from this creative team? Once again Holy F*ck will be out in December from Action Lab's Danger Zone imprint. Be sure to pre-order the heaven/hell out of it and check back for our review of the first issue... spoiler it's really good.