Review: Psycho Bonkers #2

The first issue of Psycho Bonkers was definitely a surprise. When you read as many comics as I do and read as many “all-ages” titles as I do then you tend to read a lot of bad all-ages comics. Thankfully Psycho Bonkers wasn’t bad, in fact it was pretty damn good. This second issue is a bit info-dumpy, but overall I think it’s still a fun and entertaining read that is actually geared towards all-ages. For instance, a kid could read this book and have fun with it, while I myself read it and had fun with it.

Shine has trouble as three Bonk Racers are coming up on her fast which means they have the numbers to possibly knock her out. Instead their leader Stepchild grabs Gabbo and throws him around. Gabbo is the little repair bot that helps Shine. Other than her attachment for him, he’s pretty important to keeping her racer going so this isn’t good. She decides to get bold, but that’s something you can read for yourself.

Psycho-Bonkers-#2-1The rest of the issue is spent in the past just after the crash that killed her father. Fuel, her father’s racer, has now claimed two of her family members lives. Shine is taken to a kid’s home and that’s where she meets Stepchild for the first time. After getting her footing and kind of making friends, Fuel shows up and Shine jumps into action to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Of course this puts her in the line of fire now… I’m going to say she makes it, but you may want to check for yourself.

There is obviously a mystery going on with Fuel which is why I’m interested in this series. The racers are alive to an extent so what’s going on with this badass racer? While the flashback took up most of the issue this time, it was still worthwhile as it built Shine’s character and the background of her family and the events that led to the race. The only problem is that it left the present day story feeling a bit hollow as it didn’t really serve to move the plot forward any and we’re basically left in the same spot as last time. Not terrible, but it could have been better. That and we don’t learn why Shine and Stepchild had a falling out.

The art still packs a punch. In fact, I don’t have any criticisms for the art because it works with the story very well. Adam Archer manages to take panels that would otherwise be hollow or empty and add style to them so that they actually add to the story. It’s pretty impressive because again it saves me from having any complaints about the art. If anything I just wanted to see more of his gorgeous race scenes.

This issue slumps a little bit, but I needed to in order to progress the story. I’m still digging it and I think that anyone that checked out the first issue will enjoy it as well. The mystery with Fuel is what’s driving this story right now so hopefully there’s something cool planned like a dead half-brother or something less strange. Either way I’ll check it out.

Score: 3/5

Psycho Bonkers #2 Writer: Vince Hernandez Artist: Adam Archer Colorist: Federico Blee Publisher: Aspen Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 6/24/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital