Review: Quantum and Woody Must Die #4

Here we are at the conclusion of Quantum and Woody Must DieIt definitely seems like I didn’t enjoy this series as much as other people, but I did find myself very much enjoying this last issue. QWMD_004_COVER_HAWTHORNEThere’s a ton going on this issue and I won’t waste time recapping every little thing that happened, but we do get a little more insight on Quantum and Woody’s history.  Their relationship is tested in this issue, and Woody realizes deep down he loves Quantum and views him as a brother even though technically they aren’t.  We also get some answers and backstory to things like why Skinner plotted this whole thing in the first place-not surprisingly, it’s because the disastrous duo really messed up and ruined his life.

This issue seems like the beginning of end for the brothers as their superhero career is coming to a standstill.  The only people that want their services want jobs like killing puppies because of their excessive noise or burning down a building so someone can collect insurance money.  On top of that, their dad (the goat) is pregnant and about to give birth at any moment.  Ironically I was a bit bummed to realize this apparently is the last issue of the series as I was just starting to enjoy it.

But overall, this issue was my favorite of the series.  Although there was so much going on it was a bit hard to digest, the comedy delivered, the art was fantastic as usual, and as a first-time Quantum and Woody reader I’d definitely consider checking them out again in the near future on their main title.

Score: 4/5

Quantum and Woody Must Die #4 (of 4) Writer: James Asmus Artist: Steve Lieber Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 3/25/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital