Review: Rebels #2

Rebels returns this month. The first issue was pretty good and so I decided to give the series one more crack; at least for reviews. There isn’t exactly a lot happening in this issue. I mean there’s stuff happening, but as far as big moments that I can talk about that wouldn’t bore you, there’s only one. The issue opens with our Green Mountain Boys invading a Red Coats camp looking to commit some espionage. Our main character Seth finds some documents worth snagging, but as he’s about to leave the officer returns to his tent and draws a gun on him. There’s an interesting exchange afterwards and our quite, yet cool Seth further establishes his cool factor with the reader.

The rest of the issue is mostly spent with Seth’s new bride Mercy. They have a little homefront and to pay for it Seth is working for Ethan Allen (isn’t that a clothing store or something?) and part of that is the missions to protect the colonies. We see Mercy’s day and it’s pretty uneventful and full of chores. Seth returns and they talk as husband and wife and Seth informs her that he’s getting involved in the bigger war to kick the British out, which doesn’t please her.

Rebels-#2-1There is one pretty big and impactful scene at the end, but that would spoil the hell out of the issue and you wouldn’t have much reason to read it yourself.

Overall I enjoy the narration the most for the story. The dialogue I think is intentionally sparse, but because of that it keeps it authentic sounding. Brian Wood’s narration though really captures the era, but then also a part of Seth that he doesn’t show. It once again makes for an interesting contrast between written Seth and visual Seth. Mercy is an easy character to like as well. She’s Seth’s voice of reason even if he doesn’t know it. Sadly I have to worry about her in this story. Either she’ll play some larger role or there may be some tragedy awaiting her.

The art is very detailed which helps the story feel real. I imagine that Wood is pulling a lot of this from history, but there’s still the overall fictional aspect of the story. Andrea Mutti makes it feel real and when reading any sort of historical fiction, that feeling is important. Otherwise you stop caring or worse fact checking. Mutti’s action sequences are wonderful and rich with detail which makes for some entertaining illustrations.

This is actually a hard series to review. Really it’s going to be a new conflict each issue until we reach some inevitable outcome. That said I don’t know if I’ll review the entire thing, but I’m going to give these first six a read for sure. It’s interesting to see this extra drama added to the founding of the country and Seth and Mercy’s relationship is one that I now care about. If you like period pieces then you’re probably already checking this one out, but if not then give it a shot. It might just surprise you.

Score: 4/5

Rebels #2 (of 6) Writer: Brian Wood Artist: Andrea Mutti Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/13/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital