Review: Remote #3

In the unwritten rules of reviewing you’re not supposed to say something is “Fun.” Because god forbid you have fun reading something. In reality it’s not much of a criticism, but then most sites barely criticize so I think I can get away with saying Remote is a fun book. It has consistently surprised me and just been an enjoyable title. This issue doesn’t have much for Samantha other than continuing her journey of a radio superstar. She’s fully embraced her role now and is now stepping up her game from the last issue. We do see how her boss is the best boss in the world. He’s still on his sexcapade and it continues to be more and more ridiculous with each issue. He checks in with two other radio stations and gives them the same speech he gave Samantha, but catered to them of course. It’s great because he’s a real piece of shit, but you have to give it to him… he knows what he’s doing and doing it well.

Remote-#3-1On Samantha’s side, she hosts a dating show with the zombies. It’s hilarious, but it’s the ending of the issue that is truly the best part of the issue. I will not spoil that for you, but I lol’d out loud legit. It was great and made me want to read the next issue instantly.

At the moment Remote fits in, but doesn’t fit in with the universe. It’s still a part of the events, but it’s behind a lot of the other series which is okay. And it’s not thick on the drama like the other series. I don’t know where it’s heading exactly and what’s in store for Samantha and her rival DJ’s, but I’m hooked on this series in a big way. The comedy and the writing is some of the strongest for this book and it has to be. It’s mimicking a radio station and inventing the first shock jock for this comic universe.

There is just one artist on this book. Young Heller continues to grow in that role. In particular, the way that Heller illustrates the zombies is different from the rest of the Double Take books. There’s more personality to them, but in a really creepy way. During the dating show sequence there are three very different looking zombie men and it successfully gives them each a different personality. A side note, the lettering was also very strong at this point of the issue and in general something that has improved in all of the series as they’ve gone on.

If you’re looking for a laugh and a bit of fun this week, check out Remote. The jokes alone are worth it, but it’s definitely a series that continues to come together in both the story and the art and might just end up being a break out series from this otherwise very consistent line of titles from Double Take.

Score: 5/5

Remote #3 – “Live at Five” Story: Gabe Yocum Script: Gabe Yocum, Michael Coast, Michaela Murphy, Charlotte Greenbaum Layouts/Pencils: Young Heller Colorist: Brian Valenza Publisher: Double Take Comics Price: $2.50 Release Date: 2/24/16 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital